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How To Be Anonymous On LinkedIn

[fa icon="clock-o"] February 20, 2016 [fa icon="user"] Jo Shaer [fa icon="folder-open'] LinkedIn

LinkedIn.jpgOne of the questions I got asked as I did the rounds of engineers and manufacturers at Southern Manufacturing recently was How can I be anonymous on LinkedIn so here we go!

I suppose the first question to ask is why you would want to be anonymous?  Normally, that's so you can snoop on the profiles of your competition without them knowing.

You might also be checking out profiles to help formulate the Buyer Persona for your target customer.

Be aware that, if you do go anonymous on LinkedIn, you will lose your own stats for the Who Has Viewed My Profile section.

How to be anonymous on LinkedIn

Click on your profile picture at the top right of the page in the navigation bar.

You will need to add your password to continue.

From the drop down menu, select 'Manage' against Privacy & Settings.


On the dashboard that appears there are a whole list of options in the centre of the page.

Scroll down and choose 'Select what others see when you've viewed their profile'.

A pop up will appear. You have three options:

Your name and headline (Recommended)
Semi-private profile characteristics such as industry and title
You will be in complete private mode - this used to read totally anonymous but they have changed the wording.

As mentioned earlier, the last two will both disable Profile Stats

Make sure you click the blue SAVE CHANGES button.

Will I be completely anonymous then?

If you choose the semi-anonymous option, it does mean that when you view someone's profile, the notification that you leave behind is still clickable.  It goes through to a results page so it doesn't always take a rocket scientist to work out who from that list was hiding.

The anonymous notification is not clickable.  

However, if you then switch back to NON ANONYMOUS, DO NOT visit the same Profile you browsed anonymously for at least 90 days.  When you go back to non-anonymous, LinkedIn will switch all of your previous anonymous footprint(s) back to your Name & Headline.  

Be aware that LinkedIn currently allows premium (paying) users to see 90 days of browsing activity so... you could be unceremoniously uncloaked without realising it!  However, even premium members cannot view the details of anonymous browsers.

Click the image below to find out more about how engineers and manufacturers can use LinkedIn more effectively to generate leads.  

LinkedIn In 10 Mins for Engineers


Jo Shaer

Written by Jo Shaer

If you want to grow your business by getting new customers, entering new global markets or increasing your reach on social media, you need to talk to Jo Shaer. She is a real person who cares passionately about the success of your business. Someone you can trust to do the right thing, not the easy thing. From small beginnings as a part time lollipop lady designing websites in her back bedroom, she has grown Lollipop to a limited company with its own office and 4 staff. And she did it using all the techniques that she employs successfully for her clients every day.

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