How to Connect Your LinkedIn Personal Profile To Your LinkedIn Fire & Security Company Page

One of the BIGGEST MISTAKES I see on LinkedIn is not connecting your LinkedIn personal profile to your Fire & Security Company Page. This is a TRAGEDY because it’s such a great way to get people to visit your LinkedIn Company Page AND your website.

Which makes it a great way to get more Fire & Security leads.

PLUS! You’ve gone to the trouble of creating a LinkedIn Company Page for your Fire & Security business. But no one goes there! And no one follows it. And if no one follows your Page, no one sees any content that you might put on there!

So here’s a simple way to kill two birds with one stone with JUST ONE CLICK!

When someone lands on your profile and wants to find out more about your Company, they scroll down to your Experience section. Wouldn’t it be great if they could just click on your Company logo and get taken straight to your LinkedIn Company Page?

And there, they see a button that says ‘Follow’ and another that says ‘Visit website’.

Two simple instructions for people to follow your Company Page and go straight to all the lovely marketing stuff on your website. Where it is quick and easy for those visitors to contact you by phone or through an enquiry form.

So how do you make that happen?

First you need to check to see whether your profile is already connected.

How do you know if your LinkedIn profile is connected to your Company Page?

No logo.

Here’s a quick demo, courtesy of Michael at Executive Partnership Group.

In the Experience section of Michael’s profile, you can see that, next to where it says he is the Managing Director at Executive Partnership, there is NO company logo.


No logo, no click through. See the difference with my own LinkedIn profile which DOES have the logo?


That logo allows people to click straight through to our Company Page.

How do you connect YOUR LinkedIn profile to your LinkedIn Company Page?

In the Experience section of your Profile, find the entry for your Company. Click the pencil on the right hand side of the listing.

Underneath your Title and Employment type is the field to add in your Company name. You may have already entered it BUT you have not connected it.

So, empty the box and start to type in the name of your Company. Providing you have set up a Company Page on LinkedIn, it should appear in a drop down menu with your logo.


Click on your Company’s name. It should now appear in the Company field, complete with logo.

Click the big blue Save button at the bottom right.

Now go back to the Experience section of your profile.

Is your logo showing?

Click the logo and you should be taken to your LinkedIn Company Page.


Next! Add more followers to your Company Page

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