How To Convert Fire & Security Leads Into Sales

How many people who visit your website give you their contact information and become a lead? And, more importantly, how many of those leads actually become customers who give you their money?

For the Fire & Security directors we speak to, those statistics are the most frustrating thing about your website – whether you’re a local company or the largest of the national brands.

The vast majority of traffic that comes to your site does one thing.

It leaves, never to return!

So, what percentage of people who make it to your website become a lead and then a customer?

1 out of 1000? 1 out of 10,000?


What if you could double that? How much would that be worth to your business?

And then, what if you could double it again?

For many sales people on a commission, an extra sale or two (or three) would be very welcome. And probably worth a few quid.

So I always ask them: What is stopping you from doubling your close rate now?

And the usual response is: Well we only have so much time to reach out to these leads

To which I reply: Would it be helpful if you could automate that process?

At this point, all the best sales and business development professionals get very excited.

Nurturing Leads into Customers

But hold your horses!

First you need to convert that website visitor into a lead.

Your website is attracting traffic through organic and paid searches and many of those people are getting answers by clicking around your webpages. But very few visitors give you a call.

Why? Because research is still the #1 goal and no one wants to be sold to.

Some of your most promising traffic will click away in a flash at the slightest whiff of a sales pitch before they are ready to buy.

So would it make a difference if your website offered lots of opportunities to answer more complex questions without your visitor having to call a salesperson?

The stats say yes! 

Suppose your website’s visitors could get the solution to their burning problem in return for an email address?

Capturing that simple piece of information is the process of turning your website visitors into leads – even the ones who are not ready to speak to you in person… yet.

If your leads leave and go elsewhere, you now have the ability to reach out to them by email and attract the return visit.

Excellent, you have leads. But now what?

The gathering of that small  piece of information comes with a whole load of responsibility – GDPR.

Providing these individuals ticked a box to say you could send them further information, you can.

But the need for care doesn’t stop there! These human beings have trusted you with a piece of personal data.

THINK DATING!!! Be too full on too soon and you risk frightening them off. Leave it too late and they may find what they need elsewhere.

You need to warm things up without scaring your lead away. You have to keep the trust you already have.

It’s like the shop assistant losing a potential sale by overwhelming the person in her shop with a simple “Can I help you?” What answer does that tend to get? “No thanks just browsing”.

Instead, a greeting of “Have you been here before?” immediately puts your visitor at ease and starts a conversation.

Think how much your lead to customer conversion rate could improve if you could have ongoing gentle interactions with the Leads on your website?

Better still, imagine that you would do it without manual input from your sales team until the lead is ready to speak to someone!

Which is where HubSpot, the world’s #1 marketing and sales platform comes in.


How to convert leads into sales for Fire & Security companies

Do you understand your ideal customer and the problems they have that you can solve? 

Then you can put together a sequence of automated emails to address those pains and start showing your solution.

HubSpot allows you to put together this ‘workflow’ which is triggered when your ideal customer enters their email to download a more complex answer from your website.

You can have different workflows for each of the downloads, dealing with the different problems that your services can solve – burglar alarms, CCTV, access control, fire alarms, fire extinguishers.

These emails answer the questions and objections you know your ideal prospects ask at the appropriate stage in their buying journey. Essentially, you are providing them with the answers almost before they are asking the questions!

As soon as the pain of their problem becomes acute, you want these potential customers turning to
you because they already know, like and trust you, instead of starting their search from scratch.

These gentle nudges educate them on their problem, how it can be solved and why you are the best person
to buy from – so your business is always top of mind.

This impacts your close rate in a very positive way. You will be able to see your sales team turning more leads into clients.

For those familiar with the iconic film about salesmen, these are your Glengarry leads, easier to close. Your
Glen Ross leads can be nurtured some more, until they are warm enough to merit your sales team’s attention
or filtered out if appropriate.

A Sales Call Need Never Be Cold Again

Better still,  you can see which emails your leads interact with and which ones they don’t.  Is there a  wellworn path in a sequence which always ends in a successful sale? 

Can you see one of your leads on this path?

HubSpot will notify you if one of your leads is visiting your website. Wouldn’t this be the ideal time to pick up the phone to start a conversation?

You don’t need to say ‘I saw you on our website’, that would be creepy! Try ‘I saw you downloaded our ebook comparing the different types of CCTV cameras, did you get the answers that you needed? Isn’t that a warm call that someone will want to take part in?

You understand their specific problem and they trust your solution can solve it.

A sales call need never be cold again because there’s no guesswork involved. 

Lead Nurturing Works! The stats all say so! Why aren’t you investing?

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