How To Create A Custom URL For Your Fire & Security Facebook Page Today

Did you know that you can have a custom URL for your Fire & Security Facebook Page? Also known as a vanity URL, it gives your Page an easy-to-find and easy-to-share URL that looks professional and branded.

It is also known as a USERNAME.

Facebook explains:

It’s easier for people to find your Page in search when it has a unique username. Pages with usernames can also create custom URLs that let people quickly visit and message them.

It’s something that Lollipop does as a matter of course when we create or take over a Facebook Business Page for a Fire & Security customer.

But not everyone realises that it is possible to CLAIM your Page in this way after you have created it.

I was reminded of that again last week when we were sorting out some email signatures for our clients, RDS Fire & Security

It is always good marketing practice to add in links to your Company social media Pages in the templated signature at the bottom of your emails.

But when I checked the RDS Facebook Business Page, I could see that the URL contained lots of numbers.

My advice was to customise and personalise this so it just said



How To Create A Custom URL For Your Fire & Security Facebook Page Today


Log in to your Facebook Business Page. 

Click the About section in the left hand side bar

Go to the General tab
Click edit to the right of the @Username 
In the box marked Username, add the wording you require after @
You can use up to 50 characters.
You can only use A-Z, 0-9 and fullstops.
You can only have a username that is not already being used.
And your username will form the custom or vanity part of your Facebook Business Page’s URL.
So for RDS, it would need to say @RDSFireAndSecurity or something similar.


There were two problems. And that’s why he couldn’t get it done today 🙁

1. Do you have full admin rights to your Facebook Page?

When Dave, the director of RDS, tried to make the change, he did not have sufficient permissions. What this means is that the person who set up the Page has retained full admin rights but only given limited access to Dave. He was not a full admin.

As the owner of  your business, it is important that you have full admin rights to all  your social media properties. Dave will need to ask whoever created the Page to grant him those rights. Or ask the original creator to make the change to the Page. But make sure you are absolutely sure they have the right info as there is often a delay on how long it is before you can correct a mistake to your username.

However, Facebook has some protections in place. For certain activities, there is a delay of 24 hours or even 14 days. Dave may need to be a full admin himself for a period of time before he can update the username of his Page.

If you want employees or third parties to manage your Pages, you should set up a Business Manager. This will keep you with the overall control. And allow you to give appropriate levels of access to staff and outsourcers.

2. Security and Facebook Page Custom URLs

We have had problems setting up customised URLs on Facebook for a couple of Fire & Security companies.

cant-use-security-in-custom-url-facebook-pageThe problem seems to be the word ‘Security’. It is fine to create a page with a title that includes Fire & Security. But you cannot use the word Security as part of a custom URL for your Fire & Security Facebook Page. 

You may need to shorten the word within your @Username and your URL.

For example, for Blake Fire & Security, we had to use

It’s not ideal from an SEO perspective. But if you want to show that you have claimed your Page and personalised its URL, this is the only option.

Not claiming your custom URL means a link to Facebook with lots of numbers on the end. It doesn’t look anywhere near so professional.

An easier way to generate Fire & Security Leads?

Linking to Facebook in your email signature allows people to click through to your Fire & Security Page and follow you.

But just because someone has followed your Page doesn’t mean they get to see ALL the updates you publish to Facebook.

Yes, Facebook’s algorithm RESTRICTS the content that your fans can see to a minimum.


It makes it much harder for Fire & Security companies to generate leads on Facebook.

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