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How To Get Introduced To Your Target Customers On LinkedIn

by Jo Shaer, on February 10, 2016

If you have a profile still on the old version of the platform, scroll down to the section marked 2016 in red. If you have the new 2017 version, read on!

For those of you who have found someone on LinkedIn that you feel would be an ideal customer for your business and can't get them to accept your connection request, it's a good idea to think about how business executives managed before online platforms like LinkedIn.

They had to find someone they knew who could introduce them! Whether that was at a specific networking event - or using an actual letter of introduction.

People are much more likely to look upon you favourably if you come recommended by someone else that they know, like and trust.

But how can you do that using your 1500 LinkedIn connections? This is why it has become important that you actually do know something about the people that you have agreed to connect with on LinkedIn. If you don't know them to start with, use all the tools to start building a relationship - that's what it's all about.

get introduce on linked in - mutual connections.pngGo to the profile of the person that you want to connect with.

If you are 2nd level connections, in the Highlights section just below the main profile info, it will show the number of mutual connections. Click on that and you will see a whole list of the people who are 1st level connections with both you and your prospect.

Select the one that you know best who you think is most likely to say nice things about you.

Click on their name and you will be taken to their profile. Send them a message asking if they would be prepared to introduce you to your prospect.

Introduce by sharing a LinkedIn profile

If they agree, they will need to go to YOUR profile and click onthe 3 dots next to your name. This brings up a dropdown menu with the option to share profile. 

share profile to get introduced.pngYour introducer needs to click that and it will open up a message dialogue box with your profile as an attachment. S/he needs to add the name of the prospect into the To: section and select the right person from the options that appear underneath.

Then write a short introduction about why s/he thinks you might be able to help that person.

introduce on linkedin and share profile.png

Your prospect then has the opportunity to have a look at your profile and make a decision about whether they want to ask you to connect - or accept a connection request that you have previously sent them.

Alternatively, your introducer could ignore the shared profile bit altogether. S/he could just type both your names into the To: section on a New message and say Person A meet Person B - I think you would be useful to each other. Click Send and let the two of them sort it out themselves. 

Which way do you prefer?


2016 LinkedIn platform instructions

Go to their profile on LinkedIn and try to connect.

Oh!  You're not connected with them already and you don't fulfil any of the criteria that will allow you to send them a message on LinkedIn:

  • You are not a friend;
  • you've not done business with him;
  • you didn't go to school or work with him; and
  • you don't know the email address that he uses to log into LinkedIn so the Other option is out.

You cannot send him a customised invitation and you don't have Premium LinkedIn so you can't send him an Inmail.

What can you do to make contact on this platform?  Just like in the real world, you need someone who knows you both to make an introduction.


How to get introduced to your target customers on LinkedIn

Well, take a look in the sidebar on the right hand side.

You should see a section which shows people that you have in common with the subject of your stalking.

You will then see the option to Get Introduced in blue writing.

Click and a private message option will open where you can ask your mutual connection to introduce you.

It's no different really to being at a real life networking meeting and asking someone to physically say "Hey John, this is Jo and I think you two would work really well together" when you're at the same event.
If there is more than one person that you both have as a connection, you will be able to scroll down a list to choose the person you think is most likely to make the best introduction. 

Click on that person and the default introduction message will appear.  Make sure you personalise it to tell the person making the introduction why you are interested in becoming connected with this target customer.

Remember, whatever you put in your request to be introduced may also be seen by the subject of your request. So don't put something like 'I know he's an idiot, but can you introduce me to *** because I think he might be able to refer lots of people to my business*. You get the picture?

Hopefully, the person you have asked to do the introducing will agree and send his own message to the person in question starting the process.


Want alternatives to making an introduction on LinkedIn?

Mutual connection not pulling his finger out and making the introduction?  Here's an alternative way to get introduced using LinkedIn Groups - you need to scroll down to about half way down the page.

LinkedIn is the most amazing tool to find and build relationships with your target customers and other people who could introduce you to those potential clients.  

Click here to find out more about how to use LinkedIn for lead generation on a 121 consultation tailored specifically for your business and its goals.  Or download our helpful ebook to start using LinkedIn effectively today. Click the image below.

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