How To Increase Fire & Security Sales When Your Digital Marketer Has No Plan Except Using Twitter For Brand Awareness

Fire & Security companies across the country struggle with acquiring NEW leads. A sales person from one company I spoke with recently told me that there had been:

NO leads from their website forms and just ONE phone call from a cold lead in the last FOUR MONTHS!!!

He was tearing his hair out!

And what had marketing done?

They were going to be putting more awareness updates on Twitter.

Cue stock images of CCTV cameras and an assurance of installation to the highest industry standards so you can have peace of mind. Yawn! Just another security system installer.

There were no plans for increasing the traffic to the website. Or improving the ability of the website to convert more visitors into leads.

Insert your own shocked emoji!

Sales certainly did.

Does your Fire & Security company have a marketing plan?

What the marketers should be doing is developing a marketing plan. There was a great one delivered in a webinar from BusinessMadeSimple recently.

Why do you need a plan?

Because if you don’t have a plan for your marketing, you drain your resources. 

Without a plan, you spend lots of time and energy without generating any LEADS!

So your advertising pounds are not getting you any customers.

AND, worse still, your target audience will be confused about what you sell.


The plan suggested by BusinessMadeSimple involves 5 steps:

1. Create a one liner

This is a sentence in three parts that is designed to make people curious about what you do. 

This one liner goes on the back of your business cards, in your social media profiles, on your website and becomes your elevator pitch. For Fire & Security, it would be something like this:

  1. start with a problem that your target audience feels. It might be “I don’t feel safe in my home since I was burgled.”
  2. position your home alarms or CCTV systems as the solution to their problem – these make the homeowner feel confident that they have equipment keeping them safe.
  3. explain how useful you are to your customers because your equipment is watching out for them all the time. Even when they are asleep.

Put these together into a single memorable sentence. Suddenly you’re not just another security system installer.

2. Work on the home page of your website

Once your prospect is curious, the first place they will come for enlightenment is your website.

But most Fire & Security websites turn people off rather than making them want to do business with you. They all look the same. Image of a man in a branded polo shirt beside a van with the company name. And some stock images of CCTV cameras. Yawn!

All websites should pass what Donald Miller of Storybrand calls ‘the grunt test’.  If a caveman were to come onto your website, he would be able to tell:

  1. what you offer;
  2. how it will make his life better; and
  3. what he has to do to buy it.

3. A lead generator

If your website is not collecting email addresses from your visitors, you cannot communicate with them and sell more of your Fire & Security equipment.

Always offer to give away a valuable PDF in return for their email address. Make sure you have all your GDPR checkboxes in place.

4. An email nurture campaign

Most website visitors are not immediately ready to speak to a sales person. Once you have an email address and permission to market to them, you can send some educational emails to your new leads.

Continue to enlighten them. Build trust in your experience and expertise with regular emails over several weeks.

5. A sales campaign

This is a series of emails designed to remind your leads to buy something from you.

Your sales emails need to convert into revenue. So you need to get a commitment to purchase. Remember, you must ask these people to buy more than once. Repeat the sentiment in a variety of different ways.

Whilst reminding them what life is like without Fire or Security and how much safer they would feel if they did invest in your equipment.

You can also talk about any objections that you regularly encounter and explain these away.

This encourages your leads to make contact. Either by replying to the emails or picking up the phone or completing a form on your website. All ways that they can speak direct to sales.

Will a marketing plan work for Fire & Security?

We had a plan like this when we helped Blake Fire & Security to generate 400 NEW leads worth a conservative £500k last year.

But marketing takes time, energy and creativity. And often these are resources that are in short supply in Fire & Security companies.

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