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How To Replace LinkedIn Tags with Hubspot CRM Properties

by Jo Shaer, on February 17, 2017

The Hubspot CRM is a great replacement for all the free users of LinkedIn who are missing the Notes & Tags options.

Here's how to set up properties on your Hubspot CRM to replace LinkedIn tags without having to fork out for a premium account.

Just go to Settings in the black navigation bar, find edit your contact properties or add new properties and then select Manage. 

Next, click the blue Create a new property button and you will see this pop up. These properties will then appear on your Contact cards as a field for you to complete and which you can use to filter your contacts as you require.

add a new property to contact info.png

On the About section of any of your Contact Cards in the CRM, you can see the option to View Properties.

Scroll down the list of properties and select Add to About to activate your new tag so that it appears on the About section of your connection's Contact card

add your new property to About on Hubspot CRM.png

add data to your new property on hubspot crm.pngThen locate the new property in the About section of your connection's Contact card.

You can change where it appears in the order of properties by going to Settings in the black navigation bar and clicking the button to Manage the set the default properties option in your portal.

Click the blue pencil and add in the details.

So we have used Location as the new property and I added North.

Filter your Hubspot Contacts in the same way as LinkedIn tags

add a filter on hubspot crm.pngFrom the main dashboard of Contacts, you are now able to click the  +Add filter option in the left hand column.

On the next screen, by choosing the Location property and then adding North into the contains field and clicking on the big blue Apply filter button, I am able to select all of the Contacts who I have tagged as being in the North. Just as I was able to do in the old LinkedIn list of contacts.use contains to filter contacts on hubspot crm.png

You can choose whatever properties you need.  See what options Hubspot has by default and then add your own as necessary.

There is no need to spend the huge monthly fee for LinkedIn's Sales Navigator package if you are only doing basic filtering and notes.

Hubspot's Free CRM has you covered for up to 1,000,000 contacts! And you can share it with anyone else in your team.

Click the image below to find out more.

free CRM



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