How To Sell Fire & Security To Care Homes

Up to 300 care homes are being sold off to independent or small group owners. They’re all going to need help with care home security and fire safety so get THEM to come to YOU!

What’s the first thing a new care home owner will do?

Pardon the pun – firefight! There will be hundreds of things competing for their focus as they settle in. They will prioritise what they know best – people.


What you need to do is pull their attention to their inherited fire risk assessments and emergency planning. If they assume it’s all fine, you need them to realise it might not be! Let them know it’s not enough just testing the alarm between breakfast and Bingo on Mondays!

You should also be telling them why they can’t pull a generic risk assessment from the internet for the handyman to fill out. It’s a home full of vulnerable people with mobility issues! You know the risk assessment is the foundation that holds up the rest of the fire safety pyramid. If it isn’t done by a competent person then any planning and training leading from it is useless at best – and fatal at worst. 

You know this… but most of them don’t! And even the ones that do can suffer from “It’ll never happen to me” syndrome. So how do you get through to them? 

You don’t have to knock on their door! Read on to learn more or click below to find out how to get more customers looking for YOU!

How To Get More Fire And Security Clients

Sell Care Home Fire and Security using the C word…

The scary C word… compliance! It’s the biggest thorn in a care home owner’s side. Everyone and their daughter knows about CQC reports but there are many other standards that residential and nursing homes have to adhere to. And no owner or manager can be qualified in all of them!

The Fire Brigade can inspect a property at any time and serve enforcement notices for failures in Fire Safety. If not rectified in time this can lead to a hefty fine and even imprisonment for the Responsible Person or Premises Manager.  

A number of tragic fires in care homes have led to updates in legislation.  In the London area alone, 57% of care homes failed a fire safety inspection and were issued enforcement notices!

Care home owners know about people and care, not Fire and Security. If these potential customers see you as the cure for their compliance headache they will want to know more

So now you know what you should be telling them, how are you going to get your message out there so they see it?

Answer the questions that care home owners are asking

Hold on, didn’t we say these customers would come to you?!

They will! But they’re not going to search for your name in your town. They’re going to google things like:

  • care home fire training
  • fire risk assessment template
  • fire alarm nursing home
  • residential home fire regulations

This is the Awareness stage of the buyers journey. You need your blog posts, web pages and social media posts to offer up the information they’re searching for so they move through your content to the next stages of Consideration and Decision

That’s where you:

  • Reassure them with your up to date knowledge of fire regulations.
  • Display your industry accreditations. 
  • Demonstrate the benefits of your access control solutions.
  • Offer the security of a maintenance contract and monitored alarm systems.
  • Show them testimonials from satisfied customers.
  • Let the weight lift from their shoulders as you lead them through the buyers journey

The buyers journey should be mapped throughout your website, blog and social media posts. Like a Fire Alarm Zone Plan, it should be correctly oriented at every point so the path is clear and the next step is obvious

It’s a proven system and we have the data to back it up. If you’re ready for more customers to find your Fire & Security installation company, click the image below for a FREE checklist!How To Get More Fire And Security Clients