How Can You Track Who Comes Onto Your Fire & Security Website?

I am often asked whether HubSpot can track Fire & Security website visitors. 

How is it better than other tools that just give you a report of visitors’ IP addresses?

Can HubSpot show you EXACTLY who has come onto your site?

Here’s a quick video that gives you an idea of how it works


Why only getting the IP address of your website visitors is not enough

Like some other tools, HubSpot can give you a list of your website visitors by IP address. However, most businesses do not register their IP address to their business name. And the address of their IP provider is rarely of much value to your sales team.

Some businesses are large enough to have a dedicated IP address in their own name. But you still don’t get told the actual individual who has visited the site.

This means you have to use LinkedIn to find them. Search for the Company page. And then trawl through hundreds of employee names and job titles. You’re trying to find the people who are most likely to have visited the site. Or who you would like to have visited the site.

It’s then down to a cold call to see if you are right. 

But wouldn’t it be easier if you could identify EXACTLY who had been onto your website?


How does HubSpot track EXACTLY who comes onto your Fire & Security website?

The goal is to help your website visitors to see your authority and trust you. But, more importantly, you want them to do something useful before they leave your site.

Give them opportunities to ask questions on your contact form. Or download helpful information in return for their email address.

Once someone has added their name and email to a form, the magic starts. HubSpot automatically creates a contact card for this person. The software is then able to match the IP address to their phone number or email. And show you what other pages were visited. And any interactions with your website. 

This data has been tracked from the first time they visited your website. But it is only revealed to you ONCE that connection between IP address and contact details is made. 

Make sure that you include this in your Cookies and/or Privacy Policy for the GDPR.

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With thanks to Anthony at Guardian Display for allowing me to use his data in our video.