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How To Write The Best Inbound Sales Tweets

by Jo Shaer, on December 13, 2016

buy-my-stuff-social-sellingSo many business people hate social media. They view social selling as a bunch of people on Facebook or Twitter, who only shout about buying their products all the time.  

It's no different from the other interruptive, distracting traditional marketing methods that they hate.

How To Write The Best Inbound Sales Tweets.jpg

And this is definitely evidenced by the behaviour of many Twitter Hour participants who just schedule a generic "good afternoon" tweet for a few minutes into the hour and then automate their sales tweets to go out every ten or 15 minutes for the remaining 55 minutes.  

There is no attempt to engage with any of the other users and very little monitoring of what is happening during the Hour so they can respond.  

Our advice is always to use the 80/20 rule when composing social sales Tweets or any other status update.

For every ten status updates or tweets, eight should be

  • engaging
  • entertaining
  • educational

and the remaining two can flog your products or services

But, Jo, you link to your blog posts all the time - isn't that selling?

I do indeed.  And that's because they are not overtly selling what I do, those blog posts are showing the reader how they can do the individual elements of inbound marketing.  They are educational and, hopefully, both entertaining and engaging also.  I use my tweets to help to distribute my content and attract interested readers to my website.  

Show Don't Tell

The majority of your social selling should always be demonstrating the benefits of your product - explaining how they can improve their lot and solve a significant pain point for the business owner.

Thus, the fundamental principle of inbound is putting quality, relevant, remarkable information into the path of the person who is actively searching for an answer to their problem.

But so many people make a crucial mistake when writing inbound sales tweets.  They don't link back to the place where the reader can find the help!  

4 Keys to the Perfect INBOUND Sales Tweets

Here are the four key points that should comprise an Inbound social status update:

  1. Question/Problem/Pain Point
  2. Solution
  3. CTA - Call To Action (Click Here, etc.)
  4. Link (to the best page on your website)

Here are some examples:

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The example above, addresses a pain point, presents a solution, has a call to action to a link where the reader  can get free help - educational, not salesy = 80%
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Here the tweet is more salesy because it asks them to buy something  = 20%

social-sales-tweet-wrong2What, no link?

In this example, the tweeter did all the hard work. She got my attention with a question and provided a solution - albeit a salesy one.

She even threw in the right hashtags, but she's left her reader hanging.

Where are the chair covers of which you speak? Most people would move swiftly on, but I need those covers!  So I click on her profile because I know there will be a link there.  But it only goes to her home page.

Once there, I have to search the page to see if I can see any mention of chair covers. And click again.

A one-click process has suddenly become three clicks and a lot of guess work.  

And it's forcing me to think - which won't help to land the sale and is not masterful inbound.

Oh no! The wrong link!

However, worse still is displaying a link to the home page of your website. As explained above, you need to link directly to the page where the person can find the information AND take whatever action you have decided will push them into your sales funnel.

Don't Make Me Think! Show me quality, relevant information that solves my problem.

What should my status update cover?

Of course, the other thing you have to take into account when designing your social sales messages is who your target customer is. What are their pain points? And how can your product or service help them. Use a spreadsheet and start making some lists of pain points and solutions to these offered by your products/services..

Remember, your target customer could be at any of three stages in their search to make a purchase.  They may only know that they have a problem and are researching to find out the name of the problem.

Or they may know the name of their problem and be trying to identify the possible solutions.

Or they may be decided upon the answer to their problem but checking out the best supplier for their needs - based on price, location, ROI, expertise.

It's all a bit more complicated than just putting up a social media account and shouting at people about what you have to offer. It's about attracting the right people and making them choose you. 

Make customers choose you!

Wouldn't it be nice for customers to willingly choose you instead of having to hunt them down with outdated marketing tactics like cold calls and forceful sales Tweets?

We don't have a magic button but we do have a free eBook that teaches you the ways of Inbound Marketing - the 21st century marketing approach that makes your business stand out from the crowd. Click the button below to download your copy.

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