How Your Fire & Security FAQs Page Can Make You Money

Fire & Security directors are great fans of the FAQs page on their website. They all want one. But this popular page is completely misused by most companies.

The FAQs page is frequently clicked. And most Fire & Security websites use it to answer the technical questions that they often get asked. 

It’s a huge missed opportunity! 

Things like can I operate the system through my mobile may be #1 on the list of FAQs on your website. But is it the question that your sales guys hear most often BEFORE the purchase?
Think about it. The main thrust of your website should be about making those sales in the first place.

Top FAQs before a Fire & Security system is sold


Have you considered taking the three things that are stopping people from giving you money and making those the top questions on your FAQ page?

So what are those top three objections that you have to overcome?

The reality is that, often, the biggest potential reasons why you won’t get the job has nothing to do with the spec of your equipment.

Here are three that we think are really important:

Can you do my site survey in the evening after work?

Many of your potential customers have their own jobs. They want a company that will offer the flexibility to fit in with their own timeframes. It’s a simple thing but it’s the first step in building a long-term relationship. Put it high on your FAQs!

Can you do it cheaper?

I know, I know, no one wants to hear this question! But I have personal experience of this. Our block got quotes for an automatic barrier for the car park. One was much cheaper than the other. Our managing agent was all set to give the work to the cheaper quote.

But I went back to the more expensive installer and asked him to explain the reasoning behind his quote. He explained to me why an accredited installer with the proper qualifications is so important.  But his quote didn’t say any of that. And his website didn’t say any of that. So how was anyone supposed to know? If you don’t explain the why, it’s human nature to go with the cheaper quote. Include it on high on your FAQs!

Can you show me references?

  • How do I know you’ll do a good job?
  • You say you offer a 3 year guarantee and you want me to pay in advance for a year of maintenance.
  • How do I know you will still be here to fulfil on those?

You need to show off your references and testimonials. You need to explain why the annual audit of your finances by your governing body is such a big protection for your customers. Write it high on your FAQs!

This post was inspired by a great video from Donald Miller of Business Made Simple. He says:

If you don’t know what your top 3 objections are, you need to find out, overcome them in your FAQs and you are going to see your sales increase.

Leads, leads, leads…

lollipop-lady-circle-leadsLollipop is a lead generation company. The top three objections we hear are about:

  • Leads that get sent to 3 of your competitors as well.
  • Leads that are poor quality – you pay a fortune for a lead who isn’t in your service area.
  • Not enough leads. You were expecting a certain number and they don’t appear.

That’s why we created our BLACK BELT GUARANTEE

  1. Exclusive – the leads only get sent to you.
  2. Qualified – we ask a series of questions to ensure they meet your needs.
  3. No risk – if we don’t deliver the agreed number of leads, we refund any shortfall.

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