How Your ‘Not Secure’ Website Is Destroying Your Security Company’s Chances on Google Search


Google Chrome is causing huge problems for some Fire and Security company directors. But most of you are completely unaware.

Here’s what you need to know. Picture the scene:

A home owner or the Responsible Person at a commercial company has gone onto Google to search out more information about CCTV cameras or fire alarms. This person who is making such a search is very close to being in the market to make a purchase.

Google shows your website at #3 on the first page of Google for their search. This potential buyer clicks on your link.


This new visitor lands on your site. They’re looking for a reason to work with you.


The first thing they see is a sign that says Not Secure

Here’s what this new visitor sees:

not secure security website

Do you think they are going to proceed with their research on your site?

Do you think this is going to make them more or less likely to get in contact about your services.

More importantly, do you think they are going to click quickly away to a safe site belonging to your competitor.

Frightening isn’t it.

You and your sales team just lost a chance to gain a customer. And none of you has a clue why it happened.

How secure is your Fire and Security website?

Go to the home page of YOUR website.

Do you get that Not Secure message or do you see a little padlock?

secure website padlock

If it’s the padlock, you’re good to go.

If it’s the Not Secure message, you should be changing your web designer TODAY!

Yes, of course, they’re cheap. Because they don’t know what they’re doing.

What would you say to a business owner who told you they didn’t want to change Fire & Security supplier because the current incumbent was cheaper than everyone else…?


If your web designer doesn’t know enough about websites to fix that issue, he’s a charlatan.

Google Chrome has been showing that message for OVER A YEAR!

And if your web dev hasn’t upgraded your website to show the little padlock, he clearly doesn’t value you or your business.

It really is that simple.

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