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Hub Spots and Blackheads - How not to blog

by Jo Shaer, on April 1, 2015

hubspotsandblackheadshownottoblogI was checking out some Hubspot-based keywords today.

I wanted to see where Lollipop Local ranks for Hubspot Partner in Essex when I noticed a rather unusual entry on the front page of the results.

It was for a website all about blackhead strips!

I kid you not!

Could this be some kind of April Fool's Day thang?

It had nothing to do with Hubspot at all...

...or did it...?

The URL of the page was NameOfDomain.com/search/hubspot-certified-partner-local-seo-social-media-essex-uk

The page itself was all about blackhead removal, except for two entries at the top which mentioned Hubspot and gave the title of the page as Hubspot Certified Partner Local SEO Social Media Essex UK!


Further investigation revealed that similar pages had been generated for:





How not to blog?

There's obviously something untoward going on - perhaps the developer has found a way of increasing the size of his website by creating pages based around searches that are related to blackheads?

And the algorithm has gone a bit awry because they have picked up on Hubspot due to it including the word SPOT.

But why bother? Anyone clicking on that link will not find what they want and that bad feeling can cause ongoing rancour against the company.

Instead of wasting hours trying to game Google on a technicality, the Managing Director of this company would have been far better off writing blog posts that addressed the issues of chronic blackheads.

Then he could have brought people with that problem to his website and provided these sufferers with an effective remedy.  That's the way that you build trust in your product.

Don't be a scammer!

Do On Page SEO properly and it will pay you dividends in return.

It's how we built our business at Lollipop Local.  Consistent blogging of good content with keywords and SEO in mind.  And that's why, when we set our mind to rank for a particular keyword, we normally get our way.  

Yup, four slots out of the ten available on the front page for Hubspot Partner in Essex - two pages from our website, my LinkedIn profile and my Twitter account.

Download our guide to find out how you could start turning your website into a ranking machine.





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