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Lollipop's Approach To Inbound Marketing In 4 Simple Steps!

by Alex Snell, on March 1, 2017

A few weeks ago I filled in for my manager while he was on holiday and attended a BNI Southend networking event

I chose to do my one minute pitch on our Inbound Marketing service - but not in the traditional sense. When I talk about attracting visitors, converting leads and closing customers, I'm often left with blank faces and confused expressions...

So instead, I explained it in a way that is more relatable and human friendly; The Lollipop way.

Inbound Marketing the Lollipop way

New inbound marketing methodology

The essence of Inbound Marketing lies within these pillars. Simply put, our four step process explains how we turn strangers who have never heard of your business into delighted customers who love and promote your brand!

Getting strangers to FIND YOU

The first step involves getting your business found online and driving the right people to your website.

We do this by enticing them in with content they love, and are actively searching for online. How? By using keyword research and implementing those keywords in blog posts, in your website copy and in Social Media updates.

Helping visitors to TRUST YOU

Next, we build trust with your website visitors.

Ever heard the expression "Trust is earned, not just given" ? Well the same rule applies in the online marketing world. You wouldn't walk up to someone at a networking event, tell them your product is great and then stick your hand out while you wait for the cash...

You also can't do that online. Your website shouldn't be focused around YOU and why YOUR business is great. Instead, it should answer your ideal customer's questions and fill them with confidence that your business can truly help them.

It is critical to get this step right so you don't over-sell yourself and put them off. 

That's where CTAs (Calls To Action), Landing Pages and Forms come in. The best way to build trust is by offering valuable content that they can download, for free. 

Once they fill out the form, you have their contact details and can market to them via email. Remember - there are rules about email marketing, so do it sensibly and legally and definitely avoid spam!

Once you have their contact details, you can class that website visitor as a lead.

Inbound Marketing in 4 simple steps

Encouraging leads to CHOOSE YOU

Great, you have their contact details but now what? You don't want to let them get away!

This is the time to gently nurture those leads and make their decision to choose you easy. Remember, not sell sell sell, but instead help! help! help! 

  • differentiate yourself from your competitors
  • illustrate your expertise
  • remind your ideal clients that you are human and value their questions and objections

All of this can be demonstrated through carefully constructed, personalised lead nurturing emails and workflows.

Making customers LOVE YOU

Having a  "thanks for the money, have a nice life!" approach to sales won't result in many promoters...

Value your customers by staying in contact, after all, they are the people that fuel your business!

It's also important to stay relevant to them so that next time their problem arises, your business is top of mind and they give you a call, instead of starting their search from scratch. This works for their friends and family too, if you're top of mind then they're more likely to recommend you.

Remind them you still care by monitoring and responding to them on Social Media, sending them surveys and other helpful information from time to time. For instance, you may want to send them updates when you have a discount code or you are running an event.

It can work for you, just take the first step!

See, Inbound Marketing doesn't have to be scary. It's just about harnessing communication, getting across value and prioritising the customer.

And it's worked for businesses just like yours!

Granted, it's not a magic bullet. Inbound Marketing takes time, dedication and passion. That's why we've put together a free guide to show you how the first step is done.

Click the button below to download your free guide and launch your business into the world of 21st Century marketing!

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