Increase Website Traffic For Fire & Security – Apple Maps

Looking for a way to increase website traffic to your Fire & Security website?

Apple no longer have the Google My Business app on their mobile devices by default.  Instead, iPhones and iPads come with Apple’s own map listing app – Apple Maps Connect. 

This means that Fire & Security Systems installers have an extra free listing to create for their companies. But many of these business owners and directors don’t know about it!

So they’re not being seen by people searching for intruder alarms  or access control on their Apple devices. 


Fire & Security Systems Installers and Apple Maps

There are two important things you need to know about listings on Apple Maps.

1. You cannot list your business on Apple Maps if you work from home.

Their rules say:

We currently only accept businesses whose customers visit them and where we can confirm a physical presence.

No dedicated premises? No Apple Map listing.

This is a great way for accredited installation companies to stand out. The weekend engineers who work from their home garages can’t have a listing on Apple Maps Connect.

2. Apple Maps comes with several hundred categories.

But we’ve saved you the bother of searching through them all. With thanks to Phil Rozek’s fabulous cheatsheet.

Security Systems Installers who work with domestic customers. 

The category you need to select in the Category 1 box is Home Services.

The sub-category is security systems.

Commercial Security Systems Installations

In the Category 2 box, you select Professional Services .

The sub-category is security services.

For Fire Safety or Prevention, there doesn’t seem to be a category.

Don’t miss out on this free opportunity to increase website traffic from mobile Apple devices.

Find out how to get your Fire & Security business listed on Apple Maps. 

Click the image below to download your simple guide to Apple Maps!

How To Get More Fire And Security Clients