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20th Century Innovation Tactics Don't Work For Manufacturers

by Robert Ellis, on March 23, 2016


It's a bit of a buzz word in the Manufacturing world, yet most businesses only innovate in one part of their company, and it's usually their machinery.

However, being innovative isn't about being able to churn out somebody else's new products, it's about introducing new ideas that are original and creative to your business.

So why not be creative and look to innovate in a new area of your business - your website?


When you started building up your company 20, maybe 30, years ago, the best you could do to build your business meant going to trade shows and hoping the right people would be there too.

The Internet Exists Now!

Things have moved on, the internet has evolved and is used by over 3 billion people worldwide. Yet the disappointing thing is that this massive market isn't being capitalised upon by the majority of manufacturers. 

Apart from trade shows, the majority of manufacturers are sticking to traditional marketing, and sure, those glossy newspaper ads look nice and it's something you can physically hold on to - but how do you know they are even working?

When 61% of the global audience are researching products online, why aren't you catering for them with your website?

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People are bombarded with advertisements wherever they go, out and about, in their homes and now online - It's going to be hard to get leaflets or newspaper ads noticed now. 

That's why you need to get your website up to scratch. Businesses that want to thrive in the 21st century need to live in the 21st century - cater for it, live in it, breathe it. 

This is where website innovation comes in. 

Be Original And Creative With Your Website

Recently at Lollipop we've been looking at hundreds of manufacturing websites and it's not good news. The majority have self serving websites that are 'only there so people can see my phone number' and don't take into account that their buyer's behaviour has evolved.

The way people interact with salesmen is now from a position of power and knowledge. Customers no longer have to rely on a sales person to give them information on a product, they know it - or can find it themselves.

All they need to do is search for the information on Google. 

So when they do a search, don't be the same as everybody else, shouting 'Come here, my stuff is awesome!'

It doesn't work, people are so used to this they just switch off.

When there are twenty, thirty, a thousand different manufacturing websites out there all saying the same thing, how are people meant to know which one to trust with their hard earned money?

I'm not talking about paying somebody to do your SEO for £99 a month. Where's the innovation in that? There's no point getting people to come to your website if it doesn't help them solve their problems.

Trust - Online Innovation Tactics For Manufacturers

Your website should be there when they are asking their questions, supporting them, representing you as an industry expert that they can rely on. 

Forming a relationship with someone, before they even think about placing an order, puts you at the forefront of their mind when they eventually decide to buy. 

So, while everyone else is shouting about how great they are, you can get in there early and support the people who aren't quite ready to buy yet, ensuring future sales and fantastic customer relationships. 

Find out how to stop your website from becoming another manufacturing failure by downloading our free eBook. Click the image below now, so you don't get stuck with just the 20th century customers.




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