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Is My Fire & Security Website Working? A 5 Minute Test

by Jo Shaer, on March 8, 2019


I talk to a lot of Fire and Security professionals. Many of them ask me to take a look at their website.

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A quick look at the home page of your website normally gives me all the information that I need.

Is my Fire & Security website working?

I always view a website with 3 goals in mind. It needs to be:

Google friendly

Google needs to know what you do so she can match your site to any potential searcher. If she can't tell that you provide home security, she can't send you visitors who are looking for home alarm installers in your town. 

Business friendly

Does your website measure how many visitors or enquiries you're getting? 

Customer friendly

If Google does send people to your site, is it easy for them to do something useful - like contact you?

Verdict - is your website working?

It doesn't matter how nice your pictures are. Your website needs to fulfil on these THREE vital things.

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