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Is Your Sales Team Losing Leads?

by Jo Shaer, on July 15, 2015

sales-team-losing-enquiriesWe've talked previously about sales teams - the choice between pioneers and duplicators and the reasons why many MDs don't like to employ sales people at all.

The truth is that, even with a great marketing department producing warm leads, you still need to have someone who can close the deal.

But losing leads is not just about poor sales technique or an enquiror that just wasn't qualified.

The sales team can only turn leads into customers if they have the information to be able to make contact.  Most importantly, they have to know that the lead exists.

Here's a cautionary tale about how that process went horribly wrong and why it's crucial to have a proper method for registering leads and clear lines of communication between Marketing and Sales.

We had been providing optimised blog posts for a company for over a year with regular leads arriving via email from the contact form on their website.  We had set things up so that a copy of the contact details came to us as well as the original going to the client.

The client then changed both their IT provider and their email system.  When we came to provide our regular quarterly report, we asked the client to provide the usual stats about enquiries through the website and which ones had become sales.

What? No leads?

The sales team informed us that they had only had two enquiries in three months via the website contact form.

We were very shocked because we could see that they had had 15 enquiries.  An investigation ensued with the IT company deciding that we must have set up the contact form incorrectly - even though it had been working without issue prior to their arrival.

We did not make a fuss or request that they continue their investigations at further cost to the client because we were about to upgrade the website to a mobile friendly version.  In the meantime, we agreed to forward the enquiries that we were receiving to the client - at no extra charge.

The new website went live and we checked that the client was now receiving their enquiries.  All was well and, over the space of a quarter, our blogging efforts generated 25 enquiries.  

Inbound Marketing Machine  

When it came to the quarterly report, we were horrified to be given the same stats. No, only two people had filled out the form on the website. 

We knew this was incorrect because we could see the enquiries.  Again, the IT company said it was our fault but, this time, we had set up the contact form with a proper audit trail.  We could prove that the emails had been sent to the company.  We could also prove that they had arrived because there was no email error message.

It was then that the IT company admitted that there had been an error in their email set up.

However, even after they had fixed their mistake, the emails were still not arriving with the salesman unless we forwarded our copy.  The IT company seemed bewildered.

Up to £50k business lost through IT issues

That was when we stepped in - even though email is not our area of expertise.  Over the course of six months, we had generated leads for the client that could have resulted in £50,000 of business - but the IT company did not seem to be concerned.

We could prove that the emails were being delivered to the client's server. So something must have been happening between that point and the user seeing them on his computer.  We asked if they were going into spam but were told this was not so.

Is your sales team losing leads?

We telephoned the salesman.  "Are you sure they are not in spam?"

During the course of the conversation, it became clear that the salesman did not realise that items could go into spam without his actually having put them there.

He checked his spam filter more carefully and found some of the enquiries that had arrived that day.  He then admitted that, because his spam box  got so full, he emptied it every day... along with all the sales enquiries!

This is what makes Lollipop different.

  • We took the time to ask the salesman the right questions.
  • We spoke in language that he could understand.
  • We found where the enquiries were ending up so that the company could then resolve the issue. The IT company made things too technical.
This week the client has already had 3 enquiries which have been turned into quotes.

Why a CRM and autoresponder are vital for your Marketing and Sales Teams

What is most upsetting is that, if they had had a proper CRM system linked to their website's enquiry form - or even a dedicated autoresponder to collect the emails - all of this could have been avoided.

Hubspot could be just the job.

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