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LinkedIn Inmail - Rule Changes and the rise of the Hit Reply Email

[fa icon="clock-o"] February 26, 2015 [fa icon="user"] Jo Shaer [fa icon="folder-open'] LinkedIn

Someone with a premium LinkedIn account sent me a message recently.  With LinkedIn offering free trials and a variety of different monthly packages for Job Seekers (the cheapest at £19.99/month), Business Plus, Sales Navigators and Recruiters (£79.95/month), it's happening more and more.


But this one was not from a headhunter!  It was from someone who actually wanted to employ us and had found my profile using the search Social Media Trainer.

We were not 1st level connections - although we did have a couple of people in common - so he had to use a LinkedIn Inmail.

That's a special email which can be sent to non-connections if you have a paid monthly account.

Hit Reply Emails From LinkedIn

I have started to notice more and more of these messages because they are arriving in my actual email inbox not just my inbox on LinkedIn.

I also noticed that they are using the sender name Hit-Reply@LinkedIn.com.  My natural curiosity had been piqued...  but this week all became clear.

When I accepted the inmail and responded, I saw this message:




I was not quite sure what it meant until I saw this post  which revealed that LinkedIn have changed the rules on Inmail.

Each message ends with two clickable buttons.  Reply and Not Interested.

Previously, if you did not get a reply to your Inmail, it was credited back to your account.  But, for 2015, it's an about face.  Now, providing you do get a response to your message - even if it is a  ‘not interested’ response - you will receive a credit back if the response happens in 90 days.

Now do you understand the significance of Hit Reply?

Having said that, I am still not sure why I saw the congrats about the reply message since I very much doubt that I am going to be getting a credit with my free account.

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Jo Shaer

Written by Jo Shaer

If you want to grow your business by getting new customers, entering new global markets or increasing your reach on social media, you need to talk to Jo Shaer. She is a real person who cares passionately about the success of your business. Someone you can trust to do the right thing, not the easy thing. From small beginnings as a part time lollipop lady designing websites in her back bedroom, she has grown Lollipop to a limited company with its own office and 4 staff. And she did it using all the techniques that she employs successfully for her clients every day.

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