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LinkedIn Inmail - Rule Changes and the rise of the Hit Reply Email

[fa icon="clock-o"] February 26, 2015 [fa icon="user"] Jo Shaer [fa icon="folder-open'] LinkedIn

Someone with a premium LinkedIn account sent me a message recently.  With LinkedIn offering free trials and a variety of different monthly packages for Job Seekers (the cheapest at £19.99/month), Business Plus, Sales Navigators and Recruiters (£79.95/month), it's happening more and more.


But this one was not from a headhunter!  It was from someone who actually wanted to employ us and had found my profile using the search Social Media Trainer.

We were not 1st level connections - although we did have a couple of people in common - so he had to use a LinkedIn Inmail.

That's a special email which can be sent to non-connections if you have a paid monthly account.

Hit Reply Emails From LinkedIn

I have started to notice more and more of these messages because they are arriving in my actual email inbox not just my inbox on LinkedIn.

I also noticed that they are using the sender name Hit-Reply@LinkedIn.com.  My natural curiosity had been piqued...  but this week all became clear.

When I accepted the inmail and responded, I saw this message:




I was not quite sure what it meant until I saw this post  which revealed that LinkedIn have changed the rules on Inmail.

Each message ends with two clickable buttons.  Reply and Not Interested.

Previously, if you did not get a reply to your Inmail, it was credited back to your account.  But, for 2015, it's an about face.  Now, providing you do get a response to your message - even if it is a  ‘not interested’ response - you will receive a credit back if the response happens in 90 days.

Now do you understand the significance of Hit Reply?

Having said that, I am still not sure why I saw the congrats about the reply message since I very much doubt that I am going to be getting a credit with my free account.

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Jo Shaer

Written by Jo Shaer

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