LinkedIn Search Hacks For Fire & Security Sales – Don’t Waste Your Cash On Sales Navigator

2-new-linkedin-search-hacks.pngFurther to our post on 7 Essential Tips For Savvy Business Owners On The New LinkedIn, here’s some more in depth tips on LinkedIn’s  Advanced Search.

This option has been moved to the high end Premium packages. But all is not lost and you don’t have to upgrade immediately – it just takes a fraction longer to find your prospects.

New LinkedIn search for Job Title 

You can still do simple searches like Job Title/Role – even if it is not obviously available as a clickable option.  Type the required role into the search bar 

Click Search to see a list of results where that title has been included anywhere in the main profile.  

If you really only want the current job title, some experts advise using the search “title: managing director” rather than just Managing Director.

And, if you understand the power of the Boolean, you can still make complex Job Title searches. The options available are AND, OR and NOT. Parenthetical searches for a complex search and quotation marks to signify an exact phrase are also still allowed. Be careful to use “standard quotation marks”.

So, for example, you could search for (“supply chain” OR procurement OR purchasing) AND manager. You will be shown results that include any of those variants plus the word Manager.


Other search filters on the new LinkedIn

Once you have a list of results, you can filter further for additional search criteria like location, company and industry as a second step.

At the top of your results, you will see a secondary navigation underneath your search term.  It offers Top, People, Jobs, Posts, Companies, Groups, Schools.

Click on the People tab in that navigation.

Now you can filter these results to show your 1st, 2nd or 3rd level connections by checking that box in the right hand sidebar on this search page.

If you want to be more specific about the location, you will need to check the Locations section in the right hand side bar and add in your requirement.

Do the same if you want to search for people working currently for specific companies or with those companies in their past.

There is also an option for Industries, Profile language, Nonprofit interests and Schools.

Additional filters such as Function or Years of experience require an upgrade to a Sales or Hiring plan. 

Saved searches on LinkedIn for free

It is possible to save three Searches with a free account. If you have a particular Job Title that constitutes the Buyer Persona for your Ideal Buyer Profile, you want to make sure that you have a Saved Search set up for it.


You will then receive a weekly email from LinkedIn alerting you when someone who is connected to your connections joins LinkedIn or updates their profile to reflect the criteria of the Saved Search. This can save you an awful lot of time manually searching through your LinkedIn connections.

Just click Create Saved Search down near the bottom of the right hand side bar on your Search page – sorry, my screenshot does not show it very well but it is highlighted by the red arrow at the top.  Then select when and how you want to receive your search alert.

Be aware that there is a limit to the number of searches you can make using a free package. You will be alerted if you are reaching the “Commercial Use Limit” which would curtail your searches on the free package until the following month.

I have had this happen a couple of times now and it really does restrict the number of results that you can see for any future searches.

You will be offered the option to upgrade to a Sales premium package but saving the Searches you do most often can help to avoid the need for this.

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