Making the internet work for the Fire & Security Industry

At Lollipop we make this internet thing work for the Fire & Security industry. This article and tells you how to succeed in such a crowded market. You’ll discover the single most important principle to get right for internet success. Apply it to win!

So how do Lollipop make the internet work for the crowded Fire & Security industry?about-fire-security-lollipop

The one vital principle we use to get the Traffic, Leads and Customers our clients need is continuous improvementEmbrace this, use the right tools to measure everything and you’re well on your way to internet success!

Ignore it and you will get underwhelming results from your internet efforts.

Here is an example of how it works. If a blog post is getting traffic but no conversions, we work on the conversions.

Kinda obvious, right…

Well. Not always to many of the SEO companies, web design AND digital marketing agencies you may come across. They may get you traffic but don’t expect anything else if they do manage that… Because they stop. Right there, at traffic… It’s assumed that traffic automatically means more customers. But it’s not usually the case…

At Lollipop it certainly doesn’t stop at Traffic. We want to capture Leads and get as many as possible to become Customers… So we’ll look at the sales too.

Fundamental to making the internet work for the Fire & Security sector

This continuous improvement is a fundamental part of the way we work. It’s the second step in the Grow Phase of our Proven Process. Rather than assume things are working, we test it. Just because Google is showing your website to more searchers it doesn’t mean you’re getting more customers… Or, just because you’re getting traffic it does not mean everything is rosy.

Lollipop don’t assume.

Instead, we do three things:

  1. measure
  2. test
  3. improve

The continuous improvement methodology is relevant for everything you do on the internet. That’s if success from your internet activity is important to your Fire & Security company. But, you can’t test everything. So prioritise carefully!

This blog post provides a real example of that continuous improvement in action. It explores how Lollipop helped a client get more leads from a popular blog post.

Continuous Improvement – more traffic

For the last decade Lollipop have successfully used blog content to draw traffic to a website. It takes a lot of blogging! And certain blog posts always shine brighter than others. We put a lot of effort into selecting keywords, topics and questions that gave us the best chance to rank well in Google AND Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

When our Analytics indicated that this blog post for Blake Fire & Security was attracting plenty of traffic AND conversions, we jumped on it. 

We wanted to squeeze EVEN MORE from it. So the Lollies designed a series of experiments to influence two things:

  • Traffic – improve the copy to increase visibility in Google
  • Conversions – test different CTAs and try pop-ups

Results – getting more bang for you buck!

This graph shows how we increased the number of views of this blog post.

  • Traffic – 3x improvement across the year to about 1,500 views per quarter!

Making the internet work increasing traffic for Fire and Security company

This graph shows the improvement in conversions.

  • Conversions – initial improvement attempts lowered the conversion rate from 8% to just over 5%. BUT, with further tweaks, this rose to over 20%! That’s a 2.5x improvement over the 4 quarters!

Making the internet work for Fire and Security company

Increasing both the amount of traffic coming into the funnel AND the conversion rate is powerful! The results compound. That is the real beauty of continuous improvement!

Outcomes not outputs

All too often Digital Marketing companies focus on delivering outputs like publishing more blog posts, creating more Google ads OR building more links. There is very little focus on outcomes – the results achieved by all that activity.

If you’re lucky you may get a report with squiggly lines that show impressions are up.

WOW! That’s great but… errr, so what?

What the heck are impressions anyway? This figure is the number of times your ad had a chance of being seen by someone. That’s pretty vague, huh? It’s not even the number of times your ad WAS ACTUALLY SEEN by someone. Your ad was just on a page that they were looking at…

Can impressions pay your staff’s pension and NI contributions…? 

No need to answer that one.

Lollipop focus on outcomes, like Traffic, Leads and Customers. And then the conversion rates – how many of your leads become customers. If things are okay we work out how to make them great. We’ll find any friction points and fix them.

A friction point is anything that stops a website visitor from becoming a customer. For example, leads getting stuck in the sales process because no one followed up on a quote.

This is meat and drink to the Lollies. We want to find and fix those issues for Fire & Security directors like you.

It’s all part of the continuous improvement methodology…

Here’s what a delighted Ian Blake had to say about Lollipop:

Making the internet work for your Fire & Security Company

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