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by Jon Law, on August 17, 2015

Digital Marketing works because everybody searches online, including B2B buyers. It’s just so easy to do a quick search online between appointments. In fact, as many as 94% of B2B buyers research online before making a purchase decision with 57% of that decision made before any contact with the supplier. Clearly, it's critical for B2B manufacturers to use content and digital marketing to influence buyers in the research phase of the buying cycle.

Unsurprisingly, Digital Marketing works for manufacturers keen to boost B2B sales! When you get it right great things can happen. Here's an example of success for one of our clients

We have just finished installation and commissioning of our first tilt rotary furnaces in Mexico. It's a new market for us and the enquiry came - you guessed it - through the website. Thank you.

Melting Solutions

Manufacturers and Marketing

Marketing, in general, isn’t an area in which the majority of manufacturers excel. In fact, a recent Manufacturers Advisory Service Barometer report showed that 67% of manufacturing decision makers considered effective Marketing a challenge.

This is exemplified by the out of date websites manufacturers tend to have. These are often no more than an afterthought rather than the marketing machine they should be.

Put simply, in the manufacturing sector, Digital marketing is done poorly or left untapped. There’s an excellent opportunity for brave manufacturers to steal a march on the competition. Here’s what you need to get ahead.

Digital Marketing the Inbound way


Inbound marketing is a method that attracts ideal clients to your website by offering the solution to the problems that keep them up at night. A blog stacked with the answers to the problems these prospects are searching for on Google builds trust and authority. The emphasis is on educating rather than selling, helping over hyping!

Once on site, visitors are enticed into exchanging contact details for further informational, educational content - usually in the form of pdf downloads.

For example, a blog post could outline how the innovative features of your company’s latest milling machine, lathe or furnace will solve a longstanding issue. Impressed and with interest piqued they are tempted and directed to download the full spec in a pdf document, handing over their contact details in the process. Now a qualified lead they are ready for nurturing.

A blog post like this could even be the difference between getting an order or not, because your prospect has established your company’s authority and expertise before talking to you. An element of trust has been set, right off the bat.

Get started with Lollipop in Southend?

Creating useful content to fuel your marketing machine can be daunting but help is on hand. Our free workshop at The Hive, Victoria Road in Southend on 10am-12pm Wednesday 23 September 2015 will empower you to kickstart YOUR Manufacturing Marketing Machine.

What to expect and how to book

Our workshop will walk you through the entire Inbound Methodology and help you work out how to:

  • Bring strangers to your website
  • Convert them into leads
  • Nurture those leads so you can close them into customers 
  • Delight your customers so they promote your business to their contacts, sending the next group of strangers to your website.
  • Work out what to write about
  • Use social media to promote your content and monitor prospects

Missed the event?  Click on the link below to find out about inboudn marketing.

Digital Marketing For Manufacturers



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