Marketing At Halloween – How Dynamic Security Companies Can Sell More Burglar Alarms


When was the last time you sat down and thought, “I’m going to do a blog post about Halloween to help my business!” Never? Probably… 

But tailoring the content you produce around public holidays such as Halloween and Christmas is something you should be doing to promote your business. 

I’m not suggesting you bring out a range of bat-shaped CCTV cameras… but instead, you need to think about what problems these different holidays and events can bring to your target audience and utilise this in one of Inbound Marketing’s favourite tactics – blog writing.

Having worked with security companies across the UK for years, we understand how to fully utilise public holidays to:

  • Create interesting, relevant content that readers are searching for during that time
  • Promote this content on social media so it is seen by the right people
  • And generate more traffic to the website, which greatly increases the chance of more sales

For instance, using simple facts like the rise in domestic burglaries is a great way to tap into people’s emotions and get them thinking about their home security at a time they would otherwise be preoccupied…

Below is a good example:

Why Halloween Means You’re 22% More Likely To Be Burgled

Halloween is right around the corner and it’s almost time for the hordes of vampires, zombies and mummies to come crawling out of the woodwork and knocking at your door. 

While it’s good fun for children, and adults too, it can also be a security risk for your home. Did you know burglaries rose by 22% over Halloween last year?

A combination of the shorter days, dark figures walking around being the norm and homeowners enjoying a night out all contribute to this rise in crime. 

So what can you do to protect your home while you’re out at a friend’s spooky bash?

And there it is. You can introduce your solution right there. 

Whether it’s access control so you can see who’s at your door before opening it, or a burglar alarm to prevent your home being ransacked on one of the most likely days of the year, these posts offer interesting ways to promote your security solutions. 

Solve A Problem For Your Reader

There’s no trick-or-treat to it either, just pique the readers interest with a compelling title and solve their problem within your blog post copy. It’s all about attracting the right people to your website with content that will interest them.

Attract.pngThen, when you’ve given them the solution, eg a burglar alarm, remind them that you can provide a free quote at the end of your post and give them the tools to get one!

Don’t make your reader scroll back to the top of your page to go to the contact page or find your phone number, provide a Call To Action right there at the bottom of the post.

e.g. ‘Get your free quote by calling us on 01…’

Whatever you do, the important thing is to provide value to your reader. If you don’t, there’s no reason for them to read your content.

It’s always – This is the problem, here’s how you can solve it.

Never – Buy my stuff, buy my stuff, buy my stuff… It just doesn’t work.

This is one basic tactic we use in our Inbound Marketing campaigns, though we don’t go straight for the kill on every post. It makes up part of a wider strategy to get people to your website and then help them to buy your product/service.

Learn More About Inbound Marketing For Your Security Company

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