Moving your Fire & Security premises? How can you maintain the ranking for your Google map listing?

One of my Fire & Security LinkedIn connections published an update recently about his impending office move.

How fantastic to see a Fire & Security company growing so nicely!

But any change of address could impact the ranking of your company’s Google My Business map listing. Unless you update it in a very specific way.

Fortunately this topic was covered by Google My Business Expert and Google Top Contributor Joy Hawkins in her recent session for the Local Marketing Summit

How to update your Fire & Security company’s Google My Business maplisting when you move

Joy had just documented her process for updating the map listing of a locksmith who was moving to new premises in the same city with the same post code.

So this will work very well for what Peter needs to do.

The change of address was completed without any loss of ranking or leads.


Joy’s advice was:

1. Take a benchmark of your existing rankings with our free tracker 

2. Always update the address on your website first.

3. Then update the address on your Google My Business maplisting.

4. Update the address in your listings on the main local directories (citations) when you get time*

5. Track your rankings by running the tracker again to see if anything has changed (remember to change the location of the searcher if you are now in a different town.)

It can take Google less than 48 hours to update your maplisting. And you may find that the ranking for your maplisting will improve if you have moved closer to the centre of whichever post code you are in.

*One interesting thing to note is that Joy no longer prioritises the updating of citations. She said: you need to update the main ones but it’s not as urgent as it used to be in days gone by.

Previously Google would always use those to confirm any changes to the maplisting so you had to do those first. That no longer seems to be the case because updates to maplistings are made within 48 hours.

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