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Nurturing Leads To Feed Your Sales

by Jon Law, on December 21, 2016

Nurturing Leads To Feed Your Sales.jpg
Bingo! You've put in the hard yards and your Marketing Machine is working.

Your blog posts are bringing in FREE traffic from Google. Your website is starting to produce leads, people are signing up for your downloads and all is well with the world. But...

What next? What to do with these shiny new website leads?

Well here are three ways to make sure all that hard marketing does not go to waste. Feed your sales by nurturing leads! Make the most of these people who are genuinely interested in your products or services.

Nurturing on Social Media, monitoring your leads

It can get pretty busy on your social media accounts. A single post in your Twitter stream will fall off the end of the screen in a few seconds. Facebook streams are here today and gone today too and there's an awful lot to look at on LinkedIn too.

How on earth can you keep an eye on the one or two accounts of interest? Easy, you need to monitor them using a third party tool, so you're ready to chat to on your leads' favourite social media platforms.

While the HubSpot software has a dedicated social section, not every business will require such a sophisticated platform. An easy access alternative is Hootsuite.

Hootsuite for nurturing on social mediaYou can use Hootsuite to monitor what people are saying about your company on Social Media but also to easily listen for what leads are up to. Here's an easy way to get started 

  • Twitter - create a list for the relevant accounts and open this list as a stream on Hootsuite.
  • LinkedIn - set up a stream to monitor activity in your mutual groups. Obviously, you will need to join these groups if you're not already a member.
  • Blog RSS - never miss the latest blog posts, share and engage with the best.
  • Hootsuite tabs - Collect all the relevant streams in a tab dedicated to that particular company or lead source.  Check regularly to listen carefully to what they are up to on social media. Then engage as required.

There are lots of apps that can help you glean information about your leads. Many of these are free to use on Hootsuite. Apps are updated regularly so check often.

Nurturing leads with email marketing

By definition, you have the email addresses of all your leads. So you really have to market to them. You will know which content offer they downloaded and so what topic they are interested in. This is great information to drive follow-up email marketing.

The more targeted you are the better. For us, if a lead has just downloaded an SEO eBook it makes more sense to talk to them about SEO as opposed to LinkedIn groups. Of course, they MAY be interested in groups on LinkedIn but you KNOW they are keen to learn about SEO.

How does this apply to your business? What offers appeal to your ideal clients? The key is to always be helpful and never self-serving.

You are trying to get that lead back to your website and encouraging them to download more exceptionally valuable offers - in exchange for further contact information. 

The end goal is to call them when they have consumed enough of your content to be warmed up sufficiently. It's up to you to decide when, exactly, that is. 

Combine the two - social media and email marketing

By listening to your leads on Social Media and engaging with them, you can gather information about their interests. Use this to plan out the topics of the email sequences you will send out to these people. You can even create offers and/or blog posts based on these topics. It's critical to have your ideal client's interests and issues driving your content creation.

You should plan to have five or so emails in a single sequence covering a number of relevant sub-topics. The idea is to send the leads back to your site, to blog posts or directly to your offer landing pages. 

Social Media monitoring can be a brilliant source of business intelligence.

lollipoplady-revPro Tip -  include links in your email signature to encourage your contacts to follow you on Social Media. 

Lead Nurturing is critical, here's why.

In a round-up of the benefits of using lead nurturing, the Wishpond blog says:

  • there is a 20% increase in sales opportunities
  • with 50% more sales ready leads
  • at 33% lower cost per lead.

This is great, but importantly 63% of companies outgrow their competitors by using marketing automation for lead nurturing!

Clearly, nurturing leads is a critical element of turning your website into a marketing machine. You need to spend the time honing your technique with both Social Media and email marketing. 

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