Moving your Fire & Security premises? How can you maintain the ranking for your Google map listing?

One of my Fire & Security LinkedIn connections published an update recently about his impending office move.

How fantastic to see a Fire & Security company growing so nicely!

But any change of address could impact the ranking of your company’s Google My Business map listing. Unless you update it in a very specific way.

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Should Fire & Security Directors Be Networking?

If you’re trying to increase sales of Fire & Security systems to local businesses, then you should definitely be networking.

These events are where you will find lots of local business owners.

But it’s not just local business owners. There are also employees from sales and procurement. And, of course, each of those individuals will also be living in a property near you that will require a domestic alarm and CCTV cameras!

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Selling Your Fire & Security Company? Discover These 5 Top Tips To Get The Best Price

Since 2010, we have discussed business growth with a lot of Fire & Security company owners from across the country. More and more, we are hearing them say that they would rather acquire customers by buying another company than invest in lead generation.

So, if there are companies looking to buy, then there must also be some Fire & Security owners who are ready to sell.

Are you thinking of retiring into the sunset or raising funds for a new venture in a different niche?

But how can you ensure that your Fire & Security company is the best option for someone who is hungry to buy? And how can you be certain that you will get the best price? Continue reading “Selling Your Fire & Security Company? Discover These 5 Top Tips To Get The Best Price”

Fire & Security Reviews On Google Maps: Everything You Need To Know

The stats say that Fire & Security Reviews play a huge role in getting new business. 

Horrible Comments On Your Fire & Security Facebook Page & How To Cope

Sometimes, the human race makes me sigh! You put up a post that is designed to help people and some smartass thinks it’s open season on your Fire & Security business.

I’m not talking about people who may have a genuine customer service issue that they feel is not being handled effectively through your usual channels.

Complaints about late engineers or faulty alarm systems MUST be dealt with quickly and sensitively. AND learned from so any future unhappiness is dealt with before any customer feels the need to take it to social media.

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Could A Fire & Security Competitor Steal Your Customers via LinkedIn?

One of the questions I get asked most often by Fire & Security personnel is can a competitor could steal your customers via LinkedIn.

When you accept connection requests from both customers AND competitors, there is always that chance.  Even if you hide your list of connections.

BUT the truth is.

Even if you don’t connect with your competition, there are other ways that they could see your customers. And potentially steal them. Continue reading “Could A Fire & Security Competitor Steal Your Customers via LinkedIn?”

Sell More Fire & Security Installs: Avoiding ‘Let Me Think About It’

We’ve all been there! You’re talking fire safety or security to a homeowner or the buyer for a commercial business.

You’ve given your best sales pitch.

And the lead responds: “Let me think about it…” or “Let me get back to you…”

Aaargh! What that actually means is: “I’m confused. Give me some time.”

But time won’t stop them from being confused. It just makes you disappear from their memory. And you’re not going to hear from them again.

They will never get back to you.

Because confused customers can’t and won’t buy.

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Selling Fire and Security Systems to Manufacturers

Selling a Fire and Security System to a small to medium sized manufacturing company is no easy task.

Manufacturers are always trying to keep their costs to a minimum. And you are trying to get them to part with their money to meet legislation. Most will want to do as little as possible to remain legal. It really is a GRUDGE PURCHASE…

In addition, for most manufacturing companies the person dealing with Health & Safety and security contracts is also responsible for tons of other things too. 

So the difficult part will be to get to the top of their priority list.

But how do you do that?

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Can You Hide Your Fire & Security Customers On LinkedIn?

If you’re someone who likes to connect with everyone – customers and competitors – on LinkedIn, here’s something you need to know.

access settings and privacy on 2017 linkedin.png

By default, your 1st-degree connections can see your list of connections.

This lets them browse your network and find mutual friends and colleagues… and, potentially, your Fire & Security customers!

No matter which setting you select, your 1st-degree connections will always be able to see shared connections. You cannot hide everyone.

Yes, that’s a bit of a shocker!

This is another reason for choosing wisely who to invite and also who to accept as a connection.

So, if you don’t want your connections to show to anyone except you, there is a setting you can change. Continue reading “Can You Hide Your Fire & Security Customers On LinkedIn?”

Scaling Your Fire & Security Marketing The Easy Way

Starting to scale your Fire & Security marketing? The great news is that you’ve got plenty of tools to choose from.

With so many options, getting started has never been easier. But getting started RIGHT is tougher than ever.

Where do you even begin?

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