How Much Should Your Fire & Security Company Spend On Marketing?

Ian from Blake Fire & Security Systems had to sit down and take a deep breath when he first saw our marketing proposal.

“Those are scary numbers!”

We get it! You’re used to getting new Fire & Security work through existing customers and word of mouth referrals. That type of marketing costs NOTHING. Zilch. Nada.

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How To Get More Traffic To Your Fire & Security Website

Michael is a FIre & Security company director. He contacted me to say:

All our work is through word of mouth and I want to expand. What can you do for me? 

Word of mouth enquiries are great. They are really warm leads but they are only a small sub-section of your potential customers.

There is a whole raft of other people whose first port of call when they have a question is their PC, laptop or mobile phone. 


So, Michael. If you’re relying solely on word of mouth to generate new work, you’re missing out on an 800lb gorilla of enquiries called Google. 

But Fire & Security is a very crowded market place!  Especially online.

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10 Ways Fire & Security Directors Can Get More Family Time

Every Fire & Security business is a family business. Because every member of a Fire & Security director’s family will be affected by the decisions you have to make every day.

Important and trivial – each decision impacts your business but also the time available for your family.

You work yourself into a frenzy, doing just about every job role in the company without a break. 14 hour days, 7 days a week. Going from one job, installation, chore to the next without the time to think.

Michael Gerber’s The EMyth Contractor says that most Fire & Security MDs don’t own a true business – they own a job. And it’s a job working under the worst, most demanding boss in the world.


There is never any time off because you can’t get the business to run without you.


Did you know that some of your best business ideas happen when YOU ARE NOT EVEN THINKING ABOUT FIRE & SECURITY?

This could happen:

  • On a rollercoaster.
  • During a cycle ride.
  • Playing on the swings.

Or just being part of the day to day routine of YOUR family.


On the few occasions when you are at home, you bring all the problems and emotions from the office with you.

Cashflow worries, staff issues or a difficult installation. The list goes on…

In your heart of hearts, you know you’re only ever half-present. You always have one foot back in the office.

You can carry on like this and hope that things will get better or you can DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Here are 10 things that will free up quality time for you to spend with your family

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Commercial and Home Security Systems Marketing – Success in 3 Simple Phases

Hellooo! If you’re reading this, you’ve probably asked Google for help with your marketing. Specifically, help with home security marketing or security systems marketing in general. The good news is she’s sent you to the right place!

Alternatively you might have clicked:

  • a link on social media; or
  • a link in an email from us; or
  • an ad that we have been running trying to FIND YOU! 


Word of mouth isn’t enough to grow your business

If you’re like most of the Fire & Security people we talk to, you want to expand your business. And you’ve realised that word of mouth enquiries are no longer enough.

When you recognise that you’ve been MISSING OUT on some prime enquiries, you want to get in there straightaway.

You’re desperate to understand how to market your Security Systems business effectively.

You want hot enquiries from people who are ready to buy and have never heard of your company before.

Want to speak to a human?  Book a call with an expert.

Just want to research? Read on…


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Look! Top Tips For A Fruitful Fire & Security Exhibition

 Many Fire & Security professionals tell us:

Most of our work comes from word of mouth or from having a stand at an event.

But exhibitions are a big investment. You want to make the most of the time and money
you are putting into every show you attend. 

So Lollipop asked our two favourite exhibition specialists for their top tips. 

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Don’t Let CCTV Camera Systems In Blocks Of Flats Bite Your Fire & Security Company On The Bum

Since May 2018, the GDPR has caused lots of confusion for Fire and Security professionals. It has made you look at your marketing and how you store your customers’ data.

But that’s not what this blog post is about. Because some CCTV Systems installers are still struggling with the way that GDPR also impacts how you quote certain jobs.


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How Fire and Security Companies Can Follow Up On Quotes At The Right Time

I shocked a prospective client last week. He had just realised how much money he had left lying on the table this year. All because his team were making proposals and quotes that never got acted upon.

How many quotes did you send out this year where they never replied… ?

£10k… £50k… £100k… worth?

What would happen for your business if you didn’t leave all that money on the table?


Have you noticed that, whilst they were happy to speak to you to arrange a site survey, modern buyers don’t want to be hassled about their decision to purchase until they have had a chance to weigh up their options?

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What Google Sees When She Looks At Your Fire and Security Website

image-aegis-security-solutions-resizeYou know how cross you get when you see Fire and Security installations that are a mess?

People on LinkedIn had lots to say about the following two images showing terrible examples of Fire and Security installations:

Fire Alarm cable crochet

Callum of Aegis Security Solutions in Kent was livid about this fire alarm cable crochet. 

And it’s easy to see why.

Especially as the customer had originally chosen a cheaper quote. And then called Callum to try to fix the mess they ended up with.

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