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Passing The HubSpot Certification

by Robert Ellis, on May 1, 2015

Passing The HubSpot Certification 


There’s been a lot going on at Lollipop Local since I last blogged about passing the Inbound Certification. Members of the team have effectively used our 6 tips to pass the Inbound Certification to pass the Inbound Certification, work station assessments have been completed to ensure correct seating posture (the picture is pre-assessment!) and I have taken on the challenge of the HubSpot Certification.


I passed, cue fanfare!

So now I am both Inbound and HubSpot certified, hooray!

But what does it all actually mean?

Well, it means that I have the ability to navigate and use the HubSpot software to a productive end.

It means that I know enough about inbound marketing to work in an inbound marketing company.

It means that I have the confidence to sit down, hold my elbows at a right angle (thanks work station assessment!), and take on the world of inbound marketing!

Just as long as I'm not sitting too close to my computer screen.

About the HubSpot Certification

So HubSpot have maintained their well-produced tutorials throughout the HubSpot Certification process and, therefore, have my continued thanks for doing it properly. Unlike Google Adwords, but that’s another story.

Passing this Certification required both an online exam and a practicum whereby you use the HubSpot software to prove your capabilities to an invigilator. Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds.

The exam

The online assessment is quite a bit longer than the Inbound Certification with a duration of 120 minutes and contains 90 multiple choice questions. I would recommend fully exploring the HubSpot tools before you take the exam! 

It is based on the following 17 classes:

Goal Planning & Strategy
Buyer Personas
Content Creation
Social Publishing
Social Monitoring
Landing Pages
Thank You Pages
Page Performance

Each of these sections has a short clip that tells you what you will learn in the section, a slightly longer film explaining its relevance and a walk through showing you how to operate the related HubSpot software, click by click.

The Practicum

You can only attempt the Practicum once you have passed the exam. When you have done this there are 17 tasks, that relate to the classes you have taken, that are part of the Practicum. Luckily, you only have to complete 11 of them to pass the certification. They range from writing blogs to setting goals and are designed to test the real world application of your HubSpot Knowledge.

Continual Professional Development

All of these tutorials are available even after you've passed the Certification, which means that you can always go back for a refresher. Not only that but HubSpot has a training calendar where you can view all of the upcoming live webinars where they share all of the latest updates to their software and the world of Inbound Marketing and Sales.

My verdict

Inbound marketing is the most effective method for doing business online and the HubSpot Certifications are a great way to improve your inbound marketing knowledge so that you can start using your website at its full potential.  

Can I take this certification?

Yes! Like the Inbound Certification the HubSpot Certification is free, however, it is only available to HubSpot Customers.  

Click here or on the picture below to learn more about inbound marketing and start to turn your website into a marketing machine.

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