Promoting Your Fire & Security Message So Customers Understand Your Value


“twice the price… of course we went with the other lot”

Last time we talked about how the good guys in the Fire & Security industry can STOP HAVING to deal with time-wasters like this by…

…getting your messaging right.

Because, lets face it, you deserve to quote on better jobs than these ‘race to the bottom’ companies… who want you to cut corners with compliance, find cheaper equipment and price match…

Life’s just too short. Your business is too important. And you spend too much time building it to suffer with clients like these. ALL THE TIME…

Three marketing lessons

Messaging was the first.

Here’s your second…

While your honest quotes have LOST you tons of work over the years. The bad news is, because you haven’t promoted your message as well as you could have…

You’ve probably missed out on even more work.

The GOOD NEWS is, there are many, many more ways to get your message out to the right people

We can guarantee you’re only doing a fraction of what you could be doing.

I’m not talking about pumping it out on Twitter in a hundred tweets per day.

Or starting a Tik Tok channel to show off your Fire Door and Fire Stopping work. Or buying influencers to promo your Fire alarm systems

Nothing like that.

But. I’m 98% certain that you’re not promoting your message enough. Nor your company enough.

Imagine if you could up your ‘deals won’ by 10%, 20% or much, much more.

Some of the really simple improvements you can make in promoting your message and company are commonly used by the large nationals and internal Fire & Security big boys.

Others are not.

Even they haven’t tried EVERYTHING.

Lollipop have taken inspiration from large software companies. Like SimPRO for instance.

If you employ some of their methods you will close more sales.

And from our time in Perry Marshall’s Roundtable Mastermind group. Cutting edge marketing tactics that nobody else is using in the Fire & Security industry.

Don’t you deserve to close more sales?

You work hard. You’re smart. Isn’t it time you put yourself ‘out there’ more than you are doing?

Look, I’m not talking about your website, although getting your messaging right on there, and promoting it is crucial.

I’m not talking about Google ads or Facebook. Although that would be an option. Nor a YouTube channel.

I’m talking about common sense yet innovative communication that I’m 98% certain you’re not doing right now.

I’m talking about one of our Quick Win strategies.

You’ll love it because your competitors are not doing it. So you’ll get a huge advantage over them.

So ask yourself this.

Don’t you deserve more sales?

Would you be open to finding out if Lollipop is a good fit for your Fire & Security company? Let’s arrange something.

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