Scaling Your Fire & Security Marketing The Easy Way

Starting to scale your Fire & Security marketing? The great news is that you’ve got plenty of tools to choose from.

With so many options, getting started has never been easier. But getting started RIGHT is tougher than ever.

Where do you even begin?

You know that you should send an email newsletter… so you sign up for that email marketing tool.

You see ads everywhere, so you should try them too…  so you sign up for ads software.

You know that you need leads from your website… so you sign up for a forms plugin. And a pop up tool.

Live chat is the next big thing, right? Let’s test it out… so you sign up for live chat software.

You have Facebook, but no way to engage buyers there… so you sign up for a social media messaging bot.

You have leads, but no way to track what they’re doing… so you sign up for a CRM. Or keep the info in a spreadsheet.

More tools means more time spent managing your tools. 

A lot more.


I’ve got a website. How can I get leads from it

Your ‘to do’ list goes from that question to…

  • Sign up for an email tool
  • Sign up for a forms plugin
  • Sign up for Facebook Ads Tool
  • Breathe
  • Sign up for a scheduling app
  • Sign up for a third party syncing tool
  • Export code, and hack through HTML to add to website
  • Google “how to style my forms” and learn enough CSS to be dangerous
  • Write down your four new passwords
  • Pay four bills
  • Breathe
  • Set up sync between forms plugin and CRM
  • Set up sync between Facebook ads and CRM
  • Set up sync between scheduling app and CRM
  • Set up sync between email and CRM
  • Set up sync between CRM and email
  • Give up, because bidirectional syncs and field mappings are overwhelming
  • Ask whether it’s all worth it
  • Export list from CRM… Import to email tool
  • Set up email… send email… export data
  • Import data from email tool into CRM… repeat.

Spending more time managing tools than actually marketing

And the worst part? As your Fire & Security business grows, you will outgrow a lot of these tools. That’s when you have to rip them out and you’re back where you started.

If only there was a way to stop managing tools and start marketing RIGHT!

So what if all the tools you needed to START MARKETING RIGHT lived in one system? One that grows with your business.

Where instead of all those activities, you just had to:

Sign up

Send emails, build ads, create forms, set up live chat, and more.

Sync with the #1 CRM, to track all your interactions in one place.

Easily make every part of your marketing feel personal.

Start growing.


Let us count the ways…

1. Facebook, Google and LinkedIn Ads Reporting

Prospects who need Fire & Security Systems find you through a relevant ad on Facebook, Google and LinkedIn… and you can see exactly which campaigns produced contacts. No more confusion over ‘Show me the money!’

2. Lead capture

Those visitors grab a valuable piece of content from your site via a form or pop up… that you built in three steps using an built-in forms tool (and passes the data right into your CRM).

3. Email marketing

Those contacts get a relevant and timely follow-up email… that you created easily using the built-in email marketing tool (and personalised using your CRM data).

4. Livechat – conversational marketing

Contacts return to your site and get quick answers from a rep via live chat… that was a breeze to set up with a built-in tool.

5. Simple CRM

Contacts enter into the sales process and your sales team picks up right where marketing left off… with the full context of every interaction on the contact timeline in your CRM.

6. Hacked together tools vs A joined up marketing suite

  • Get time back.
  • One database rather than imports, exports and syncs.
  • Contextual segmentation and personalisation using CRM data and web analytics.
  • Your data is always up to date.
  • Marketing, Sales and Customer Service live in the same system. Shared content. A great customer experience.
  • All your communications – email, calls, livechat, ads, Facebook Messenger and more.
  • It all grows with you and your business.

Unleash  your Fire & Security marketing

See the power of having an all-in-one platform with a CRM at the centre. All set up for  successful Fire & Security Marketing and Sales. 

And to really see the power of your CRM, you need a steady supply of good leads

click for fire-security-leads-black-belt-guaranteeLollipop specialise in helping Fire and Security companies to generate more leads on what we call a ‘pay per lead’ basis. No complicated contracts, or monthly retainers. Just high quality leads that can help your business scale.

We have some powerful new approaches and tools which make a huge difference to companies whose websites are not generating sufficient leads.


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