Discovering The Biggest Secret Of Fire & Security Sales Whilst Standing On Your Head

Jon and I learned a huge secret about selling Fire & Security products whilst at a yoga workshop recently!

Yup, I hear you. What on earth does yoga have to do with Fire & Security or even sales?

So here’s what happened:

Standing on your head and selling Fire & Security products

One of the teachers asked what she should do about people who came to her class, got corrections to their posture. But then ignored the correction. And kept doing the posture in a sub optimal way every week.

The trainer talked about one of his own students. He corrected her every week but she would just assume the old sub-optimal position the following week.

  • Did she forget?
  • Was she just ignoring him?

Did she not care about improving her yoga?

It seemed odd to everyone in the room. Why would a student come to a yoga class but not accept the corrections to get better?

However, some months later he overheard the student telling a classmate why she came to yoga:

to escape from her abusive relationship for one hour every week.

She wasn’t coming to class to get better at yoga or improve her flexibility. She was coming to class to get out of the house!

For her, the yoga studio itself was a safe space.

Once he understood that, he could give her the class she needed. Forget the corrections. Just help her to bolster her self-confidence and have some time feeling secure in her own skin.

Application of a yoga lesson for Fire & Security sales


It seems odd for many business development managers that someone might not want to improve THEIR home or business premises. To make things safer with YOUR Fire & Security solution.

But you have to understand the motivation of that individual.

Only then can you give them the best options for what they need…

Sales coach, Rick Roberge, calls this lesson:

Accept someone for who they are.

As a sales person, it’s no good thinking: “This person would be so much safer if they bought my stuff!”

And ploughing on regardless.

If safety is not their reason for buying, every time you try to offer a new product, your prospect will be thinking: “Don’t care. I have other priorities for my cash. I don’t need to feel safer.”

Your sales process is going to be a lot harder until:

a homeowner admits why they are interested in home security. Perhaps because they have been burgled or someone they know has been burgled. Or simply because their insurance company told them they had to have it!


a business’s Responsible Person realises AND acknowledges that non compliance with fire legislation could hit them personally. A large fine or prison. Or simply tells you that their insurance company told them they had to have it!

Once you accept your lead for who they are, you can ask the right questions to understand what they need. AND show your lead that you understand their priorities.

Would you like to make your sales process easier?

lollipop-lady-circle-leadsOf course, all that requires a lot of effort. And it’s much harder if your lead is also talking to two or three of your competitors. In that scenario, you can only ever have a 1 in 4 chance of closing the sale. A conversion rate of 25% at best.

But supposing you were to receive EXCLUSIVE leads? You would have a much better chance of exceeding that 25% conversion rate.

And suppose you were to receive EXCLUSIVE leads who had already revealed their motivation for talking to a sales professional?

And suppose you were to receive EXCLUSIVE leads who had already revealed their motivation for talking to a sales professional AND who had given a time when they would be happy to receive a call?

How much easier did your sales task become? How much easier to increase your conversion figures beyond just 25%? How much easier to smash your sales quota for this quarter?

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