Sell More Fire & Security Installs: Avoiding ‘Let Me Think About It’

We’ve all been there! You’re talking fire safety or security to a homeowner or the buyer for a commercial business.

You’ve given your best sales pitch.

And the lead responds: “Let me think about it…” or “Let me get back to you…”

Aaargh! What that actually means is: “I’m confused. Give me some time.”

But time won’t stop them from being confused. It just makes you disappear from their memory. And you’re not going to hear from them again.

They will never get back to you.

Because confused customers can’t and won’t buy.

How to stop Fire & Security customer confusion

According to Donald Miller of Story Brand, you need a sales checklist that contains just 3 items.

  1. Do they know exactly and specifically what you sell?
  2. Do they know what problem will be solved if they buy your product?
  3. Do they know how to buy it?

1. Do they know what you sell?


Well it’s Fire & Security stuff innit??  No, this is not the time to recite a list of all the products you sell. Burglar Alarms, CCTV, Access Control, Fire Protection. What will shift the needle is when they understand the result of purchasing those products from you. The outcome.

Make a list of your top three to five products for revenue. That’s your left hand column.  And in the right hand column, write the pain that product resolves.

Here’s how it would work for Lollipop:

Monthly retainer for Inbound Marketing – Not getting enough leads from your website? Turn your crappy static website that gets no enquiries into a shit hot lead gen machine. Acquire a longterm asset that will generate enquiries for your crack sales team to convert into site surveys for years to come. 

Pay Per Lead – Not getting enough new customers. And you don’t have time to wait for your crappy static website to become a lead gen machine? Get qualified leads delivered straight to your crack sales team to convert into site surveys. 

Pay Per Site Survey – too few leads are turning into site surveys? Get qualified site survey appointments with people who are ready to buy domestic and small business security delivered to your site surveyors. All the surveyors have to do is close them. 

Can you produce something similar for your Fire & Security company?

2. Do they know what problem you solve?

Think of everything you sell as if it were a medicine. Who are the only people who buy medicine? People in pain. But if you try to sell medicine without saying what pain it’s actually going to cure, who would buy it? Think about it. You’ve got an ache in your leg. You want a medicine that will cure a painful limb.

If they buy one of your Fire & Security solutions, what problem will stop happening?

Well for most Fire and Security companies, you bring peace of mind. But that’s not specific enough. An alarm system will stop the fear of being burgled (again) for a home owner. Or a professional fire safety system will save money by preventing downtime through false alarms for a manufacturing company

Stop the confusion. Make it clear what pain will go away if your prospect invests in your solution.

3. Do they know how to buy from you?

Make it really clear on the home page of your website what someone needs to do to buy from you.

Don’t just stick your phone number at the top right or in the footer and hope your hot to trot customer will call you.

Don’t rely on a form on your contact page.

Add call to action buttons that are specific to making a purchase. Get a quote! is a button that will help you to print money with your website.

Make sure you have these three steps covered on your website and in your sales scripts. If a lead has clarity around these three questions, there is no confusion. And no barrier to sales.

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How To Get More Fire And Security Clients