Selling Fire and Security Systems to Manufacturers

Selling a Fire and Security System to a small to medium sized manufacturing company is no easy task.

Manufacturers are always trying to keep their costs to a minimum. And you are trying to get them to part with their money to meet legislation. Most will want to do as little as possible to remain legal. It really is a GRUDGE PURCHASE…

In addition, for most manufacturing companies the person dealing with Health & Safety and security contracts is also responsible for tons of other things too. 

So the difficult part will be to get to the top of their priority list.

But how do you do that?

You play on their worst nightmares…

Manufacturing Nightmares that efficient Fire and Security systems avoid


What is a manufacturers worst nightmare? Is it anything to do with Fire and Security related legal obligations? No, not really…

OR. Something closer to home. Like downtime…

Yep! Downtime. That is immediately painful. Manufacturers avoid it at all costs.
For any manufacturing company, the biggest cost is downtime. They count down time in hours not in days.

When security scrimping and downtime disasters collide…

People don’t rush out to buy Security products because they don’t wake up every morning petrified that bad things will happen to them. It’s called the optimism bias.

And here is a classic example from the manufacturing sector!

A fastener manufacturer in Sheffield has recently been expanding their premises. They bought another building next door. This needed a lot of work.

Because they were doing demolition work, the company decided that they did not need any security on the place. They could add these systems when the construction work was completed.

That’s when DISASTER struck!

They returned to work after a weekend and found they had been broken into. The thieves removed all of the cables and copper piping. This in itself would not have been a big problem. The wiring was due to be replaced anyway.

Sadly, the burglars forgot to turn the water off when they left with the pipes. As a result, a large part of the building was FLOODED!

No one expected that! But you can stop it happening… With the right security in place!

Cause and effect… of trying to save money

The flooding meant that works had to be put on hold for a full week. 

How much did a week’s delay cost the company?

Around £100,000!

And this was for a security breach in an unfinished section. If this had happened in the main production area, the cost would have been even higher.

And fire damage might be even worse than water. Especially if there is a lot of tooling, transformers and customers’ stock.

Having a good, well maintained fire and security system will also make dealing with the insurances a lot easier.

The advantages of a well maintained, efficient Fire & Security system begins to make sense. Avoiding disasters and downtime is critically important to all manufacturers. Including that member of staff in charge of Fire & Security…

Comparing the cost of disaster with doing nothing about security!

When looking at getting a new system, the customer will, in the first instance, think of the cost and inconvenience. 

  • Disruption. There will be disruption to the normal working day whilst the systems are installed.
  • Training. People need to be trained up to use the new equipment.
  • Equipment and installation

Who can blame the buyer wanting to do the minimum required to fulfil legal guidelines.

Unfortunately, they are not always aware of what is required. There are additional forgotten costs like:

  • Emergency lighting inside and outside the property.
  • Fire extinguishers. In manufacturing they will need several types of fire extinguisher.
  • Maintenance. Regular services will be required.

But, as the story above shows, the cost of a good fire and security system will appear cheap when compared to the potential cost of NOT having one.

So selling Fire and Security to manufacturers is about disasters avoided. And subsequent downtime saved. The potential cost of doing nothing is outweighed by the cost of efficient Fire and Security! And your job is done!

Making Fire & Security a manufacturing priority

You need to change the customer’s mindset about Fire & Security. 

If you can show them the potential to SAVE MONEY and DOWN TIME, a new system becomes a priority instead of an expense.

But how can you get in front of the right people? How can you share your numerous disaster stories reasons why Fire & Security is not a grudge purchase?

It’s a question a lot of Fire & Security directors are asking. And Lollipop have the answers.

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