6 Scintillating SEO Tips for Security Companies – How To Get Traffic To Your Website

Fire & Security is a very crowded market place!  And you now know that it takes more than just word of mouth to keep the enquiries rolling in.

But how can you get your website in front of those people who are searching for the best way to protect their homes or business premises?

SEO tips for Security Companies

Here are our top tips for how to get traffic to your website by getting seen online

1. Google Ads

If you want to be at the top of any search results page, the chances are you will have to pay. Sometimes even if the search is for your own name!

But Fire & Security companies need to be careful. There are two BIG gotchas. These can lose you a shedload of cash without much in return:

1. Bidding on research keywords can result in lots of clicks but no enquiries. Be clever! Find the search terms that show someone who is ready to buy. That’s the top 3% of your target audience. These people know they have a problem. But they also know the solution. And they are just looking for the best (or cheapest) local supplier.

2. Did you set up your own Google Ads campaigns? You may be paying the Stupidity Tax. That’s what the experts call the penalties that the amateur always incurs.

Also be aware that there are a lot of scammers offering managed PPC services. Look for the Google Partner symbol which shows that an agency has passed exams for running Ads.

2. Have you created/claimed your Google My Business map listing?

These are the first of the free listings on the search results page. They get a big display on mobile phones. And they show for searches like [keyword] near me or [keyword] in [town].

Two things Fire & Security companies need to watch out for here.

  • Understand the difference between having a store front and being a Service Area Business. If you are working out of your home, you are most likely a Service Area Business. 
  • Remember to ask happy customers to leave you reviews.

3. Apple Maps for iPhones and iPads.

Apple now promote their own map app on their mobile devices. And they add it as default. So users will have to download Google Maps.

Here’s a post that we wrote to help SECURITY SYSTEMS INSTALLERS to get listed on Apple Maps

4. Organic SEO

No SEO means no visitors from search engines. If Google doesn’t know you fit CCTV, she can’t send people who are looking for CCTV to your website.

Here’s a quick checklist to improve the SEO on your website.

5. Local Listings

Have you listed your security business with all the FREE local and industry-related directories? Make sure your listing on the NSI approved member directory  or SSAIB member page  is displaying your details correctly.

These citations count as trusted back links to your website. 

Google is a great source of traffic but being 100% reliant on them for visitors is not a good idea.

6. Blogging

Are you blogging regularly? Your website is incomplete if you are not.

Some of your target customers will only be aware that they have a problem with security. They don’t yet know what the solution is.

This is your chance write posts about some of your FAQs. It is a way to get in front of people who are researching the security issue that worries them.

These blog posts can show up on the front page of Google in addition to your main services page. The more times your business can show up on page 1, the less room there is for your competitors.

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