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Share Your CRM With Your Sales Team

by Jo Shaer, on January 24, 2017

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We had a call this week from a customer looking for a simple CRM that could be shared with her sales team.  

She wanted to get a system where ANY member of the team could talk to ANY prospect or customer and know exactly what the state of play was - and what had happened previously.

She told me that she had looked at some of the more well-known names but they were all paid tools. More importantly, when she signed up for the free trial, she was completely overwhelmed by all the features.

Yes, it probably did do what she wanted - to be able to share all the information about a prospect's requirements and interactions with the rest of her sales team - but she couldn't work out how to make that happen. There were specific requirements for the type of email accounts required or the instructions were just not clear enough.

The problem with most software is that the Geeks who develop it forget the most important part of their process - the end user. Many of their potential customers will not be as technically savvy as their designer colleagues. What seems obvious to a developer is often completely alien to the human sat at his/her desk feeling confused.

It gets even more complicated in the world of sales where there is a whole additional layer of complexity surrounding different types of sales processes and tactics.

If you're an MD of a smaller company or a less experienced sales person, even the term sales pipeline is often something new.

A simple CRM that really is FREE

Fortunately for Mandy, she had visited our website and read our blog post about the Hubspot CRM.

There were a couple of questions though:

Yes, it really is FREE!

No, you don't have to purchase the marketing automation part of the software before you can use the CRM.

It's a stand-alone piece of kit that could change the way you do business.

Not just for Sales, it actually manages your relationship with customers too!

And, it's not just for sales. It really is for managing your relationship with your customers. The Deal Stages work just as well for running the process of taking a customer from their initial purchase through the manufacture of their order to their final sales payment and delivery.

It's so flexible that you just create your stages with the correct title for the activity and move your customers' cards across the dashboard accordingly.  

At any point in either process - sales or customer order management, all the relevant members of your team can be given access to the dashboard. This means that a customer can call at any time and whoever they speak to will be able to see at a glance where the caller is in the process and what has happened previously.

So, how do you share your CRM with your sales team?

 add a user to the hubspot crm.png

Log in to your Hubspot Sales CRM

Select Settings from the black navigation bar at the top of the page

Choose Users from the left hand sidebar

Click the blue Add user button on the right hand side

share sales crm with your team.pngFill out the email of the team member that you want to share the CRM with

Complete the first name and last name

Click Next

Set the permissions for your new user. You can choose from Admin, Manager and User levels.

You then need to select which activities this new user should have access to.

Remember to click the blue Next button when you have finished.

enable crm user actions.pngAn email will be sent to the email address that you have chosen and you can customise this if you so desire.

You can always go back and edit settings if a trusted team member is not able to access information at a high enough level. 

Better too little than too much too soon!

Would you like to try the new Hubspot CRM?

If you're excited by the idea of a free CRM that allows you and your team to manage both your sales pipeline AND your customer relationships, click the link below.

We've created a guide for British business owners that uses simple language and concepts to get you started.

Once you've had a try, we're sure you will never again consider a spreadsheet for managing relationships!

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