Should Fire & Security Directors Be Networking?

If you’re trying to increase sales of Fire & Security systems to local businesses, then you should definitely be networking.

These events are where you will find lots of local business owners.

But it’s not just local business owners. There are also employees from sales and procurement. And, of course, each of those individuals will also be living in a property near you that will require a domestic alarm and CCTV cameras!

So it’s a double whammy of opportunity.

Best Networking opportunities for Fire & Security Directors


Whilst there are lots of free local networking groups, the real money is to be found in the paid events. This is where you will find the owners and directors of bigger businesses.

Chambers of Commerce events

Your local Chamber of Commerce is a great place to start. Here’s what Ian Blake, MD of Blake Fire & Security Systems had to say about his experience of networking with Essex Chambers.

“You’re picking up little bits of information that’s good for you personally, let alone business-wise. I’ve made a lot of friends out of doing networking.”

You can find a link to your local Chamber of Commerce here.

For high ticket items like fire safety or commercial security. There is a significant investment AND legislation to comply with. So it’s not something that a business owner will buy on a whim.

Many sales happen through building long lasting business relationships based on trust. 

And what better way to do that than meeting the same people at the same time every week for breakfast.

How To Get More Fire And Security Clients

BNI breakfasts

BNI is another paid networking event that has born fruit for Fire & Security sales. 

It is not for everyone though. It takes a regular investment of time and energy and the rules are quite rigid.

  • You can’t just turn up when you want to, it’s a weekly commitment.
  • You must bring regular visitors to increase the network.
  • And you will have to act as a sales person for the other people around the table, recommending them to people that you meet during the course of your life.

However, once other chapter members know how good you are, they can open lots of doors to other small business owners in their networks through introductions. And you can also get referrals from members of other BNI chapters.

It doesn’t work for everyone but you get out of it what you put in.

If you’re willing to be part of a team, you can do good business. It’s certainly worth putting your head around the door at your nearest event to give it a try. You never know who you will meet. Find out more here.

Online networking with LinkedIn

How To Get More Fire And Security Clients

LinkedIn is a fantastic place to engage with potential customers and influencers. But many Fire & Security installers don’t embrace the platform for fear that they might not be doing it right. Discover how to Find and Connect with the right people on LinkedIn in our free ebook.

But be aware that connecting with customers as well as other Fire & Security personnel might not be the best thing to do.

Need more Fire & Security leads?

What if I told you we had a pay per lead option with no monthly fees or set-up fees? No paying for high priced services that you’re not sure you really don’t need…? 

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How To Get More Fire And Security Clients