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Are You A Small Fire & Security Company Because You Don't Know How To Be Big...?

by Jo Shaer, on February 26, 2018

After seeing some of our posts on LinkedIn, Stan got in touch. He wanted to know  how we could help him grow his Fire & Security business.

Except he didn’t want to stop editing his own websites. Stan just wanted Lollipop to ‘do some SEO’.  

Stan is the MD of a group of companies turning over £5m. And he wants to grow to £8m. But he’s still fiddling with his Wordpress websites? Why?

  1. Is it cost avoidance?
  2. Or is it because it keeps him in his comfort zone?

Whatever! Any MD doing these small jobs is costing your Fire & Security company HUGE!


Is your cost avoidance strategy working?

I talked to my favourite sales coach, Rick Roberge. 5 decades as a salesman and trainer means he knows a thing or two. He said:

The following may seem like foolish questions but:

  1. Do you cut your own hair? 
  2. Does DIY dentistry appeal?

Why not? 

Because you are not mad!

So lets put it in context.

You don't pull your own teeth to save a couple of pounds because you know you don't have the skills. So what makes you think you should edit your own website?

Can you honestly say you are still at the cutting edge of website marketing?

Worse still, this small thinking could actually be costing you MORE money than you save!!

Do you realise that every time you try to save money with your out of date DIY website skills, you make a repair job for whoever gets your digital marketing work. On top of the work that you actually want done.

You could have a brilliant new marketing strategy for attracting high net worth home owners that need a security system or big warehouse groups that need fire protection.

But you've just doubled the TIME AND COST of making it happen by interfering.

Are you spending time doing menial crap you shouldn't be?

Marketing Guru Perry Marshall sums this up nicelyIn his book, “80/20 Sales & Marketing: The Definitive Guide to Working Less and Making More”, he says: 

"The typical $100,000-per-year person spends the vast majority of their time doing trivial $10–per-hour tasks, a decent amount of time doing $100-per-hour jobs and occasionally—and somewhat accidentally—executing highly productive, $1,000-per-hour tasks. You can verify this for yourself; all you have to do is watch people closely. Even highly paid executives waste large spans of time on low-value activities.”

Stan told me it was the penny-pinching of his Finance Director that saw him continue to edit his own webite.

Michael Gerber of The EMyth would have had something sharp to say about that. As MD, you’ve got to move yourself out of those lower boxes on the organisation chart so you can focus all your attention on the top box! That's the job role that does the BIG work to grow your organisation.

Here’s what another Fire & Security MD said on the subject as he finally realised the truth:

I think genuinely it needs more than I can give it now. I do have to remember too that it's a full time job really to keep up with. And I wouldn't expect a web person to design a fire alarm or CCTV system!

Are you ready to achieve your Fire & Security company’s full potential?

If the answer is yes, let's have a chat about how a Lollipop website can grow your Fire & Security company.

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