Are You A Small Fire & Security Company Because You Don’t Know How To Be Big…?

Lollipop only work with ambitious Fire and Security companies. So we were delighted when Stan got in touch. Stan is the MD of a group of Fire & Security companies turning over £5m. And he wants that revenue to top £8m.

Excellent. That’s the ambition box checked!

But… Bizarrely, he wants to continue editing his own websites. While Lollipop do a bit of SEO… 

And that bit of SEO is to complement his own WordPress efforts to give him the revenue boost he’s after.

Two things here:

  • Rein in those expectations. A bit of SEO won’t increase revenue by 60%. You’ll need a precise strategy and a lot of work.
  • What’s a successful MD doing fiddling with his websites?

Is that an efficient use of an MD’s time?
Is that any way to run a £5m business? 
Is that small thinking?

How well is your DIY strategy working?

I discussed what Stan had said with my favourite sales coach, Rick Roberge. 5 decades as a salesman and trainer means he knows a thing or two. He told me to ask Stan two questions:

  1. Do you cut your own hair? 
  2. Does DIY dentistry appeal?

No! Why not?

Because you are not mad! And you are certainly not qualified!

So lets put it in context.

You don’t pull your own teeth to save a few quid because you will make a mess of it. So what makes you think you are capable of editing and promoting your own website?

Honestly… If this is you, STOP. And ask yourself two questions:

Question one:
Are you at the cutting edge of website marketing and all that entails?

Are you up to date with: SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, blogging, Social Media, Lead Magnets, funnels for Lead Generation, email marketing for lead nurturing etc. etc. Hmmm, didn’t think so. You are not qualified…

Question two:
What could you be doing to grow your business instead of fiddling with WordPress and reading marketing Guru blog posts?

Worse still, this small thinking WILL COST you MORE money than you SAVE!!

Read that again. Fiddling with WordPress is costing you money. Here’s why…

Your out of date DIY website skills make more work for whoever does your digital marketing. It’s the equivalent of your engineers dealing with those poor DIY installs. The ones that never properly worked, weren’t fitted to standard and are fit only for ripping out and throwing away. And then and only then can your professional security system installation protect the family home. 

Your small thinking just added to the TIME AND COST of making the GROWTH you want happen!

Small thinking and menial crap go hand in hand!

This small thinking is a symptom of not knowing how to be big! The menial crap should not be done by MDs and CEOs. But many are stuck with this work rather than the staff. But don’t believe me. Here’s what two of the world’s keenest marketing and business minds have to say on the matter.

Perry Marshall sums this up nicelyIn his book, “80/20 Sales & Marketing: The Definitive Guide to Working Less and Making More”, he says: 

“The typical $100,000-per-year person spends the vast majority of their time doing trivial $10–per-hour tasks, a decent amount of time doing $100-per-hour jobs and occasionally—and somewhat accidentally—executing highly productive, $1,000-per-hour tasks. You can verify this for yourself; all you have to do is watch people closely. Even highly paid executives waste large spans of time on low-value activities.”

Stan told me it was the penny-pinching of his Finance Director that saw him continue to edit his own website. This is not $1000-per-hour work!

Michael Gerber of The EMyth would have had something sharp to say about it too. As MD, you’ve got to move yourself out of those lower boxes on the organisation chart so you can focus all your attention on the top box! That’s the job role that does the BIG work to grow your organisation.

Here’s what a different Fire & Security MD said on the subject as he finally realised the truth about his website and promoting it:

I think genuinely it needs more than I can give it now. I do have to remember too that it’s a full time job really to keep up with. And I wouldn’t expect a web person to design a fire alarm or CCTV system!

Are you ready to achieve your Fire & Security company’s full potential?

Have you cast aside all your small thinking nonsense? Are you ready to be BIG?

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