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Social Media Symbols That Damage Fire & Security Sales

by Jo Shaer, on January 5, 2019

Are you one of the many Fire & Security directors who has social media symbols on your website? But did you know that there are two types?

One that brings traffic to your website and the other sends it away. 

But do you know the difference?


We're on Social Media!




These little guys give visitors the opportunity to visit your business accounts on social media.   

Many web designers put these in hugely prominent positions on the home page but they have completely misunderstood their impact.


The truth is that they should be given far less visibility. 

Yes, it is good to show that your Fire & Security company is present on social media. BUT the goal should always be to get those users to look around your site and make them want to buy - not send them away! 

Social Media Sharing Symbols

Social media SHARING symbols, however, are far more important. And yet, so often, they are missing from Fire & Security websites.

They can (and should) be placed above and below the content on blog posts and important pages. If visitors click these, they are able to share that content with people on their own social media channels.

This means the link to your helpful blog post on home security or your page detailing your special offer on burglar alarms  will appear in their Twitter stream or in the news feed of their friends on Facebook or connections on LinkedIn.  

This means that it can be seen by people who may not have heard of you before.


It is a crucial difference.  These are ways that your readers can help you to distribute your content and get it seen by their friends and followers.  

Tweeting and sharing is like a public sign of approval. And it's a very effective way of getting new visitors to your website. 

Social media is a powerful tool. But it's only part of Lollipop's proven process to get more customers for your Fire & Security company.

Click the image below to see 30 top tips that could change your business today.

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