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Spending Your Engineering Marketing Budget in 2017

by Jo Shaer, on May 17, 2017

engineering-marketing-budget-2017.jpgA few months ago, a market research report by reported on the way that engineering companies will be spending their marketing budget in 2017.

Most of the 85 engineering marketers surveyed will be American, so does this ring true for your behaviour as a UK Engineer?

Trade show investment on the wane

At the top were the usual suspects - trade shows & events with 62% and creating content - video, blogs, white papers, webinars at 61%, but these were both down 6% and 4% respectively from 2016.

PPC expenditure on the rise

Up next - in the same order as last year - were distributing content at 60% and search advertising (PPC) at 57%. However, both of these have been given more importance than in 2016 by 9% and a whopping 13% for PPC.

Email remains important for Engineers

Curiously email marketing at 56% has remained the same in terms of importance over the previous year. This is supported by data from the 1,003 engineers surveyed in's 2016 Market Research Report: How Engineers Find Information. A miniscule 3% of those surveyed said that they don't even consider the emails being sent to them, while 51% will scan subject lines for interest and 6pc will read every one.

5 axis milling machine precision engineering needs marketing too.jpg

The decline of Print

It was interesting to see the decrease in print marketing. Only 4% of engineering marketers said they had no budget for print in 2014. Just three years later, that figure had risen to almost half at 47%.

Engineers don't see the value of Mobile

The data for mobile marketing reflected what we see for engineers in the UK - there are a lot of websites that are not mobile friendly. And yet, other research from revealed that over half of all the engineers of every age used their smartphones to access information. Obviously, this figure is only going to increase so it is definitely something that needs to be considered in the future.

Creating engaging content is still a problem

The stats say that 4 out of 5 engineering marketers believe content marketing helps them to deliver qualified leads - something which we have seen confirmed by our own activities in the sector.

At 62% of those surveyed,creating engaging content is still seen as a problem - up 12% on 2016's figures. This is usually because the people creating the content don't understand who their target audience is or their buying journey so they are not producing content that answers their questions at each stage.

Often this is due to the content being prepared by marketers rather than engineers and missing the mark or just using the wrong language.

What are your spending plans for 2017?

So how will you be spending your engineering marketing budget in 2017? Is Trade Shows where it's at or are you looking for ways to bring visitors to your website? Click this link or the image below to get customers to find you.

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