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Stalked By Red Boots - Remarketing Smallprint For Businesses

by Jo Shaer, on April 3, 2017



It happens to me a lot! I see a fabulous pair of boots on an online ecommerce site and put them into the shopping basket. Then I look at the price and ask myself whether they will complement any of the outfits that I regularly wear to my networking meetings! Will I actually wear them? I leave the boots in the basket and press the X to escape temptation!
Suddenly, as I move around the internet, the boots are popping up everywhere - on Facebook, YouTube, other websites, even in my gmail.  It’s like being stalked!

Your Privacy Policy and Remarketing from Google and Facebook

This advertising technique is called Remarketing and it allows advertisers to show you ads across the internet based on your behaviour when you visited their website.

Both Google and Facebook offer Remarketing but they also have strict rules governing additional wording that needs to be added to your website's Privacy Policy to give users the opportunity to opt out.

See Google's rules here. See Google Analytics announcement here. See Facebook's guidance here.
Sadly, not everyone reads the rules - and that includes the in-house or third party people that you may be employing to run your Google AdWords/PPC and Social Media Marketing campaigns. 
But, if your Company is engaging in Remarketing either through Google Adwords, Google Analytics or Facebook and you have not added the required wording to your website, you may be inadvertently breaking ICO rules.
The Information Commissioner’s Office has several ways of taking action to change the behaviour of anyone who commits a breach. These include criminal prosecution, non-criminal enforcement and audit. The Information Commissioner can also serve a monetary penalty notice imposing a fine of up to £500,000.

It is definitely worth speaking to your solicitorabout your Privacy Policy - even if you're not engaging in paid advertising on Google or Facebook.  

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