Stop Spam On Your Fire and Security Website Contact Form


Your Fire & Security website isn’t working effectively as a lead generation tool if your staff have to trawl through loads of spammy, scammy messages from the contact form. Stop it now.

Many Fire and Security company websites are getting overwhelmed with spam messages from automated bots. These have to be read and deleted. Not only is it a waste of your staff’s valuable time. But some of the messages can be traumatic for some of the younger members of staff. Sadly, it’s not just offers of SEO that come through your website’s contact form. No! We have seen a huge increase in the number of naughty offers from online ladies… Some of them can be very close to the knuckle

Stop Fire and Security website contact form spam

For many months we used Akismet. This is the name that most people know for dealing with website spam. The tool worked pretty well BUT it didn’t catch everything. And it was quite expensive at £4/month/site. Few Fire and Security companies want to invest £48 per year on stopping spam.

So our web dev did some research. And found these guys. Click the Cleantalk image to find out more.

They had 172 stonking reviews on Trust Pilot. And, after a couple of months of successful testing on the Lollipop site, we have now rolled it out to some of our Fire and Security clients.

We love it because it is very strict.

It cuts out the rude stuff.

It cuts out the SEO and the marketing spam. I am particularly excited to see that it cuts out a particular bot who used to message Lollipop’s website regularly bragging how he could get his messages in millions of WordPress contact forms.

Up yours, spambot!

And it cuts out a lot of attempts to try to hack into WordPress websites!

Auditing your spam filter

But, most importantly, it has a feature that allows you to go in every 7 days and check what has been kept in so you can help the software to learn what you don’t want. And what has been filtered out. So you can alert the software if something has been filtered out that shouldn’t have been.

Great value anti-spam protection!

AND it’s about 10% of the price we were paying. Click here to find out more.

Don’t spam potential customers’ website contact forms to try to get LEADS

click for fire-security-leads-black-belt-guaranteeI nearly choked on my coffee when I saw the first website contact form spam. It talked about how to use website contact form spam to get more leads! Well, I was already hacked off by the amount of website contact form spam I was getting. It didn’t make me want to use any of the companies who were using these bots to promote their service. And it certainly didn’t make me want to add to the spam as a means of promoting my business!

Lollipop specialise in helping Fire and Security companies to generate more leads on what we call a ‘pay per lead’ basis. No complicated contracts, or monthly retainers. And definitely no SPAM on website contact forms!

Just EXCLUSIVE high quality leads that can help your business scale.

We have some powerful new approaches and tools which make a huge difference to companies whose websites are not generating sufficient Fire and Security leads.


Click here and tell us when you’re available for a chat about getting more leads.

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