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Subcon 2016 - Catching up with LinkedIn Manufacturers

by Jo Shaer, on June 14, 2016

We booked our places at Subcon 2016 back in March - after Southern Manufacturing - and I had been really looking forward to it. After driving up from Essex the night before, it was a gloriously sunny day.


Despite being a regular visitor to Birmingham, I had never been to the NEC or Subcon before.


The first thing I noticed about the Subcon website back in March was the testimonial from my lovely LinkedIn friend, Tom Mongan, at Subcon Laser Cutting so naturally he had to be the first stand that I visited.

It was right by the entrance so he had an excellent view of everyone coming in and out.

It is always such fun to meet people that I have chatted to a lot on LinkedIn and here he is with the lovely Linzi.  

Tom and Linzi of Subcon Laser Cutting

Next up, it was our favourite engineering clients, Andrew and Peter from Axis Precision Engineering Components. They were very excited because there was a lot of interest in their wheels - which made Jon very happy because he has been doing lots of work on their website on this topic.

Andrew and Peter of Axis Precision Engineering Components, Essex

Next up was Paul at Geometric Manufacturing.  Again we have exchanged lots of comments on posts on LinkedIn so it was fab to meet up in person. 

Paul from Geometric Manufacturing

I missed David from Laser Process at Southern Manufacturing and he wasn't going to get away again. Nice to finally meet and have a proper chat.

Jo meets David of Laser Process

The Petford Group Company Page on LinkedIn had told me to come and find them at Subcon so that's how I got to meet the lovely Kira - and get some expert tuition on how to upload an image to the mobile version of LinkedIn.

Kira from the Petford Group

Sarah from Qimtek caused me some grief in the office when I went back with only one mobile phone stand - I didn't realise how popular these would be!

Sarah from Qimtek

And, finally, a first time exhibitor at Subcon - Marco from Stevens & Carlotti

Marco from Stevens & Carlotti Engineering

The message that came out from all the stand holders was concern over the shortage of footfall due to the clash with  the AutoMechanika show but, despite that, all said that the quality of the enquiries was impressive.

It's just such a shame that the organisers did not put AutoMechanika in the hall next door to Subcon making it easy for attendees to move between the two events and make the best use of the day.

It was also mentioned that last year Subcon contained two other events so the absence of those may also have impacted upon the footfall.  These are held bi-ennially so they will be back in 2017.

On the plus side,  we managed to get out of the car park (£12 per vehicle!!!!) before the rush and back home to Essex in three hours. 

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