Telemarketing and Home Security Leads

Telemarketing sounds like the ideal strategy to generate more home security leads. And sales.

Get your admin team to call as many homeowners in your area as possible. Then ask if they want an alarm system.


Errr… not!

There is a thing called the Telephone Preference Service. If consumers sign up, it means they don’t want to receive calls from sales people.

Even calling to offer the peace of mind of a professionally secured home is not allowed!

It has been illegal for companies to contact people who are registered with the TPS since 1999.

If you call people who have registered with the TPS, you could find yourself in big trouble.


Alarming people puts you at risks of fines

This double glazing company from Swansea wanted to generate leads for their uPVC installations.

They had purchased a database of phone numbers from a third party in September 2016. And between May 2017 and April 2018, they made over half a million unsolicited marketing calls.

Their outreach was for free home improvement. But, even when they were asked not to call, they persisted.

The homeowners were not happy.

These unsolicited marketing calls resulted in a large number of complaints to the
Information Commissioner’s Office.

The ICO don’t just monitor who is installing CCTV cameras. They are also the UK’s governing body for privacy.

The company received a £150,000 fine. And were issued with an Enforcement Notice warning them to stop making the calls.

A spokesman for the ICO’s investigations team, Dave Clancy, said:

“Companies engaged in this illegal activity should take note. We will take action against those that continue to disregard the law around electronic marketing via phone calls, emails and text messages. These cause a real nuisance – and often distress – to people who don’t want to receive them.”

Dangers of telemarketing for Fire & Security directors

It is not a good idea to purchase databases from third parties. But, if you do, you must be able to show that you did your due diligence before you use that data. You must be able to prove that consent for you to call these numbers has been acquired. And that the numbers are not registered on the TPS.

Dave Clancy also said: “Company directors should also be aware that they can now be made personally liable for fines that we issue.”

Suddenly there is real personal accountability. And your home could be at risk if you are fined because you employed the wrong company:

  • to make calls on your behalf; or
  • to provide you with phone numbers for your sales team to contact.

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