The #1 Mistake Fire & Security Companies Make on Facebook

You’re looking for more domestic security customers. And someone told you that Facebook is a great way to increase your visibility to homeowners.

Great! So you set up a Facebook Business page for your company. And add an image of your sign-written van. Complete some contact info – phone number, website URL. Sorted!

Next you take some photos of your most recent installations. And publish some posts with images of bellboxes or CCTV cameras…

And then you wonder why you get very few enquiries.

What’s going on, Facebook???!!!


The #1 reason why you’re not getting enquiries is YOU don’t understand how Facebook works.

Most people visit the platform to be distracted. They want to step out of their current reality and see what their friends are up to. 

Few users go onto Facebook to buy an alarm system or find a solution for their fear of burglary.

And yet Facebook is the ideal platform for lead generation for Fire & Security companies. Because people don’t have a specific goal when they are scrolling through Facebook, it makes them an easier target for you to pull into your funnel. 

But when you’re using Facebook, you need to follow THEIR rules. 

How many people are actually seeing your Facebook posts? 


You could run competitions on your Facebook Page to get more Page likes. Some Fire & Security companies do this very successfully.

However, you do need to take care. Most Fire & Security professionals don’t realise that Facebook has rules about contests.

Your Fire & Security company’s Facebook Business page may have hundreds of fans. It may have just a couple. By liking your Page, these users have shown that they want to see your updates.

But, whatever that figure, probably only 3% of your fans will ever see what you publish. 


Because if Facebook let you get in front of your target audience for nothing, how can they make any money out of it? They want Fire & Security businesses to INVEST IN PAID ADS! 

Speak To A Professional And Get Facebook Done For You

So you bite the bullet and pay to BOOST your latest post about how you replaced a DIY bellbox with a professional alarm system. It’s got photos, it’s got technical data and everything… You’re sure this is going to earn you loads of work. It’s a no-brainer!

A few days later, you’ve spent a fortune. And the stats say it has reached lots of people.

BUT there are still no enquiries.

You don’t know what you don’t know… about Facebook

Speak To A Professional And Get Facebook Done For You

See, publishing on Facebook for your Fire & Security company is not like personal posting. 

No indeed.

You’ve now moved into the world of marketing and advertising. And conversion copywriting! And Facebook’s dedication to the user experience.

If you take away one thing from this blog post, it is the formula for the most successful sales updates on social media.

  1. Question
  2. Solution
  3. CTA 
  4. Link

Almost every Facebook update that I see from Fire & Security companies misses out at least one element from this successful formula.

So let’s go back to your photos of your most recent installation.

  1. What was the problem the homeowner had?
  2. How did you and your equipment solve it?
  3. Encourage your reader to get in touch to find out more?
  4. Link to your website where they can find that info or contact you.

Think about it. All your juicy sales stuff is on your website. That’s where you want these visitors to go. But if you don’t link to it in your status updates… they can’t click to get there.

Once they’ve been to your website, you can get Google involved so your visitors are seeing your ads wherever they go on the internet. Not just on Facebook.

This is when the magic really starts to happen.

And breathe…

But do you really want to get involved in all this? You’re busy enough keeping up with all the latest tech developments and legislation amendments for Fire & Security!
You just want more site survey bookings! Not to become your own social media and advertising manger.

Could your Facebook Business Page get more leads for your Fire & Security company?

lollipop fire and security sales into leadsLollipop has been helping Fire & Security professionals to get more leads and sales through Facebook for ten years.

We can handle Facebook… so you don’t have to!

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