The Fire & Security Sales Prevention Force: Are You Paying People To STOP SALES FROM HAPPENING?

Working in the Fire & Security industry for nearly a decade, we have met some fabulous sales people.  Together we make a great team!
Lollipop cross the leads into the box and the sales guy knocks ’em in”. 
It’s a joy! Giving true masters the perfect raw material to create £20k, £50k and even £100k sales! Day in and day out. Consistent, reliable, quality traffic, leads and customers. Everyone’s life becomes soooo sweet!
However, some Fire & Security directors have a bottleneck that stops this from happening.
And they don’t even realise that they are PAYING PEOPLE TO STOP SALES FROM HAPPENING!

The Sales Prevention Force?

It may seem like a cost-effective idea to get your admin people involved in the less challenging parts of your sales process.
But there is a fundamental truth that gets forgotten. Most admin people believe that SELLING IS BAD!
They have answered the phone to too many cold callers. It has coloured their thinking. They don’t want to bother people. They don’t want to chase them. And there will be no changing their minds. 
At Lollipop we call these people The Sales Prevention Force. And there are three places in your sales funnel where they can do HUGE DAMAGE!
1. Turning a prospect into a lead
2. Agreeing a date for a site survey
3. The fortune is in the follow up

1. Turning a prospect into a lead

The first bottleneck is usually responding to the lead in the first place. Your great sales person knows you have to answer the phone within a couple of rings. And reply to the email within a few minutes. Or your prospect wanders off elsewhere.
The Sales Prevention Force prioritise their work differently. Other parts of their job description can seem more important than answering the telephone and responding to emails. There is a perception that most of these are just price checkers and time wasters.

2. Agreeing a date for a site survey

The second friction point is getting the site survey booked. The Sales Prevention Force do try. There will be email and phone call ping pong with the lead. But they just keep missing each other. It all peters out when the lead books an appointment with a more persistent sales person.
Your best sales person will be like a dog with a bone to get that appointment.  S/he does not give up. S/he knows that dates need to be agreed or the lead is lost. 

3. The fortune is in the follow up

The quote has been sent out but there has been no response to accept or decline. The Sales Prevention Force will send one email chaser and then leave it.

They don’t want to hassle this potential customer. So they are willing to risk losing this job to a competitor who follows up more frequently.

Your great sales person will be the one following up regularly. But using a CRM to see the best time to follow up on a quote.  This online software helps the sales process to run smoothly. It keeps all the information in one place where it can be seen by all relevant staff.

S/he will set task reminders to follow up on quotes at regular intervals. Sometimes life just gets in the way for your prospect. They want to accept that security system quote but don’t get around to it. They need reminding.

When your best sales guy gets a notification to chase, s/he calls or emails. And records the interaction on a contact card. All business intelligence is kept in one place. It makes closing a sale so much easier.

Meanwhile, the Sales Prevention Force will insist on using a spreadsheet. Or, worse, keep all the information about leads in their head. And if they leave your Fire & Security company, they can take all that data with them…

How to change the Sales Prevention Force

  • Train your admin team if you want them to respond to your leads.
  • Give them scripts and checklists to follow.
  • Encourage them to use a CRM to record their interactions with prospects.
  • Run Secret Shopper tests and reward the best performers.

With some TLC, these staff members can become a huge asset to your business. But they need training and guidance. Some companies even incentivise this task.

The best way to get Fire and Security Sales

click for fire-security-leads-black-belt-guaranteeLollipop specialise in helping Fire and Security companies to generate more sales.

1. We provide leads on a ‘pay per lead’ basis. No complicated contracts, or monthly retainers. Just high quality leads that can help your business scale.

2. We can train your staff to close those sales. We’re not looking to turn your team into hard sales people who won’t leave off until they close the deal. But some gentle, empathetic salescraft with the focus on trust.

We have some powerful new approaches and tools which make a huge difference to Fire and Security companies whose sales teams are not generating sufficient leads.

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