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The Hat Changing Pitch On Facebook Ads

by Jo Shaer, on April 11, 2015

Looking back through our files of pitches that have been presented at BNI and Women In Business, there are two that really stand out.  Jon's juggling and my hat change pitch on Facebook Ads.  

Here's how it went!  Remember, I only have 60 seconds and, every time I speak as the business owner, I have to take off my fluorescent yellow baseball cap.

I met a local business owner last week who told me she didn't need my Facebook ads training.

"No," she said, "I promoted my page last week and got 25 new likes."

"And it only cost me £75."

lollipop lady talks about facebook ads "ONLY?" I expostulated. "So that's £3 per like. Were any of those likes based in Southend?"
"Well I didn't check them all, but I saw several from Liverpool and there was one from Russia."

hat changing pitch on facebook ads "Are they people who you are likely to do business with?"


jo changes hats in a pitch "Have they come back to the page since and liked or shared any of your posts?"

"Well, no"

lollipop lady icon "Has anyone bought anything?"

"No, they haven't."

Facebook Ads Pro-Tip"So you spent £75 but got nothing for it..."

Face Palm...

Facebook ads:

  • allow you to use your existing email database to start marketing to people on Facebook, but they don't just give that knowledge away on the main dashboard!
  • give you the chance to promote Offers that bring customers to your bricks and mortar store or online website to claim their freebie.
  • offer a way to put status updates about your latest products or even your customer testimonials into the news feeds of your users who are interested in what you do. 

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