The Website Button That Will ‘Print Money’ For Fire & Security Companies

“Hey, do you want to, maybe, I dunno, buy some Fire safety or Security systems?”

If your sales team asked like that… no one would buy anything! Leads would walk away and profits would nosedive.

But your Fire & Security website is part of your sales team. And 99% of the sites we look at have a call to action button that is just as passive… Some of them DON’T HAVE A BUTTON AT ALL!

Let us show you how to write confident, clear calls to action that will turn your website into a machine that PRINTS MONEY!

What is a call to action (CTA)?

The CTA is a button or phrase on your website that encourages the reader to do something. To actually respond to your sales pitch.

Are you the best Fire & Security installer… or not?

Almost all the Fire & Security websites we see will use phrases like “Learn more” or “Get started”.

These are passive calls to action. They’re crap if you want to make money!

I know you want to sound nice and considerate. Your website visitors are busy. You don’t want to BOTHER THEM.

But here’s what the reader hears:

“Hey, I don’t really believe our service will keep you safe from fire or burglars. But I have a mortgage so it would be great if you could give me some money and let me install a system for you…”

Nobody is going to buy from you with a passive CTA.

If you really believe that your Fire & Security solutions are the dog’s bollocks, you will be bold and clear in asking your website visitors to GIVE YOU THEIR MONEY!

To make that happen, those visitors need to smell confidence and competence.

Your CTAs need to say: “Buy Now!” or “Book A Site Survey” or “Get Expert Safety Advice Today!”

How To Get More Fire And Security Clients

Imagine someone has just been burgled. They want to make sure it will never happen again.

So they go to one website and it politely says: 

“We’ve been in business since 1984 when my grandfather started the company. We pride ourselves on being quick and on time. And our customer service is second to none. Learn more.”

Or another website that cuts to the chase:

“Been burgled? Get expert advice on how to stop it happening again! Call us NOW!”

Tell me which company you would go with? The Fire & Security professional who was passive or the one who was direct?

Which one made you feel as if they could actually get your home protected FAST?

A homeowner who has been burgled wants an expert to make things safe again. Someone who will help to blot out this horrible experience. And return the family’s peace of mind.

Actively demonstrate your confidence and competence. Your empathy and experience. Use a CTA that makes these obvious!

A website that PRINTS MONEY?

Moving from passive to direct may make you feel like you’re being aggressive. But you’re not. Your website visitors will not read it that way.

They are not coming to  your website because they want to become your friend. These home and business owners are coming to your website because they want you to PITCH!

They want you to pitch how you will protect their homes and business premises from fire or intruders.

They want to GIVE YOU THEIR MONEY to keep their families, staff, possessions and stock safe!

Change your passive CTAs to direct calls to action that are crystal clear about how you will make your readers, their families or their staff safe again.

These little buttons will MAKE YOU MONEY because you will:

  • get more phone calls and enquiries
  • book more site surveys;
  • have more opportunities for your sales team to sell your systems; and
  • grow your Fire & Security business.

What else is stopping you from getting Fire & Security customers?

It’s not just passive CTAs! See our 30 top tips for getting more website visitors, more site survey bookings and more long-term customers. Stop leaving cash on the table. Help your website to print more money.

How To Get More Fire And Security Clients

With thanks to Donald Miller at Storybrand