How To Get More Fire & Security Customers

Only read this if your company is ambitious!

Most of the Fire & Security MDs we talk to want to grow. And you’d love the internet to be a part of that, because everyone turns to Google for everything.

But the internet has NEVER really been effective for YOU.

Our checklist will change that…

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The internet WILL work for your company. And this checklist is the first step!

Currently your business is successful because of three things:

  1. Fantastic service – your service is head and shoulders above the competition
  2. Word of mouth recommendations – delighted customers tell their friends, family and colleagues
  3. Repeat work – your loyal customers rarely, if ever, want to go anywhere else

And this works very well. It’s pretty much what has got you to where you are today. Whether that is the domestic market, tendering, sub-contracting or other commercial projects.

Your reputation gets you work.

Because your company does a great job, your clients encourage others to use you AND come back for more.

Great. But you’d like a little more. Wouldn’t you?

Using this checklist will help you get more customers.
It will help you leverage the internet.

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Download, then use the checklist to make your website and the internet get you:

  • More new leads and enquiries
  • More site surveys
  • More customers

Wouldn’t that help you grow your business?

New leads – people who have never heard of you

This checklist is called How to get more Fire & Security Customers for one reason. It shows you what you are doing right and what what you could be doing better in terms of generating new business from your website.

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New business that you cannot possibly get from Word of mouth or repeat work. Why?

Because it is business from people and companies who don’t know your current clients. People who have never heard of you. New people.

And, I don’t mean just £500 domestic alarm enquiries. But large commercial projects too. Big £50k-100k jobs that will keep you in work for weeks.

Everything in this checklist is what Lollipop do for our own clients. Read it, use it and make changes. And you will begin to make the internet and your website work for your Fire & Security business!

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What’s in your How To Get More Fire & Security Customers checklist?

For ease, it’s in three sections – Traffic, Leads and Customers.

  • Traffic – the right people find you
  • Leads – the right visitors realise it’s a no-brainer to choose you
  • Customers – more conversions/sales with the same staff. No need for that expensive BDM!

It will take you 15 minutes at most to complete the checklist.

Click here. Add your email address. Receive your checklist in a few seconds. And get started. Easy!

How to use the checklist for YOUR business

The three sections make it easy to know where to start.

If you are getting plenty of Traffic to your website, you can focus on the Leads section. OR if your enquiries are not converting, the Customers section is the best place to start.

Because growing your business is not just about your website, the checklist covers other things:

  • How efficient are your sales team at responding to enquiries?
  • What about following up? Relentless or haphazard?
  • And loads more…

This checklist will encourage you to think about efficiency.

How efficient is your website at attracting the right people and selling your company to them? And how efficient are your staff at dealing with those enquiries. And, you get tips on how to fix any issues.

It’s the first step in

  • making the internet work for your Fire & Security company
  • not being 100% reliant on word of mouth and repeat business
  • generating customers from the internet

It’s the best thing you’ll do to grow your business this week!

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