Top 5 Mistakes Fire & Security Directors Make On LinkedIn


It’s great to see Fire & Security directors embracing LinkedIn to help to promote their fire safety products and security equipment.

However, it’s also clear that many don’t really understand how to use the platform to achieve their business goals effectively.

So here are my top 5 big mistakes that I see Fire & Security directors make on LinkedIn every day.

1. Vanity Metrics – 500+ connections but no enquiries

Are you collecting connections and hoping that the size of your network will bring in customers.

Having hundreds of connections does little good if none of them know who you are, what you do and how you can help them. 

Pretty much everyone on LinkedIn works at a business premises or has a home. They could all use home security products or commercial fire protection or access control equipment.

Reach out and start interacting with them. BUT DON’T TRY TO SELL IMMEDIATELY!

2. Neglecting Fire & Security Marketing

I have seen many Fire & Security directors on LinkedIn who are very active at liking, commenting and sharing everyone else’s images and status updates – but don’t post anything of their own.  And, worse still, I have seen many examples where the Fire & Security director DOES post really eye-catching images but none of them link back to the company website.  

The idea is to drive people to a place where they can find out more about the product in the image – and how they can buy it!   Having a working blog is critical to posting LinkedIn status updates that generate enquiries!

3. LinkedIn Publisher Posts as sales pitches.

Publisher Posts are different from the regular images that you can post as status updates.  These are longer articles where the aim is to establish your expertise.  By all means post images or videos but use them to help explain your text.  

This is not the place to add just an isolated link to your website.  Or shout about any discounts or sales.


4. Ignoring potential sales enquiries

So many Fire & Security directors on LinkedIn will issue or accept invitations to connect but then neglect those new connections by not responding to their messages. And it’s usually because you have no idea that they have messages in your LinkedIn inbox!

  • Have you turned off email notifications from LinkedIn?  
  • Are you ignoring the message notifications in your dashboard?
  • Do you log in regularly to check your LinkedIn messages?

This means you are cutting off a major way to engage and communicate with potential customers.  Particularly those who are actually trying to talk to YOU!

5. Listing a personal email as your contact email on your bio

This is usually the hotmail or gmail address that you used when you first signed up to LinkedIn. But, if I have an enquiry or question about CCTV cameras or fire doors, am I really going to feel comfortable sending a message to your personal email? The answer is NOOOOO!

Add the Company email address from your business card to your LinkedIn account and then make it your Primary email address.  That means your connections can email you at work without having to search around for your work address… and potential customers can connect with you more easily on LinkedIn.

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