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by Jon Law, on February 19, 2019

Since starting work with Fire & Security installers back in 2010, we've generated hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of business through blogging. And, there's no reason why you shouldn't …

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by Robert Ellis, on October 28, 2018

When was the last time you sat down and thought, "I'm going to do a blog post about Halloween to help my business!" Never? Probably... But tailoring the content you …

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by Jo Shaer, on August 16, 2016

Nick C is a pain in the bum! His blogging outreach strategy involves telling me that I have a broken link on one of my sites and offering his own link as …

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by Jo Shaer, on January 30, 2016

I am reminded that Essex County Council are still promoting a funding programme for Essex businesses which is finishing on 31 March 2016. The Digital Skills for Growth programme enables Essex businesses …

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by Jo Shaer, on December 5, 2015

In today's economic climate, there are THREE crucial reasons why you need to turn your website into a marketing machine, rather than leave it as a static brochure which doesn't …

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by Jo Shaer, on August 12, 2015

Jo, you're always going on about publishing quality content that's relevant to your target market. How do I know if I am doing it right? What constitutes quality content? Whether …

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by Jo Shaer, on April 12, 2015

I was in the office last week and Alex, the young lady who normally answers our phones, was in the kitchen making me a nice cup of herbal tea. So, …

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by Jo Shaer, on April 1, 2015

I was checking out some Hubspot-based keywords today. I wanted to see where Lollipop Local ranks for Hubspot Partner in Essex when I noticed a rather unusual entry on the …

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by Jo Shaer, on March 29, 2015

The lovely Tom from asked me this as we went through the Analytics on one of his tools recently. What does direct and referred traffic mean? How is that …

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