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Marketing At Halloween - How Dynamic Security Companies Can Sell More Burglar Alarms

When was the last time you sat down and thought, "I'm going to do a blog post about Halloween to help my business!" Never? Probably... 

But tailoring the content you produce around public holidays such as Halloween and Christmas is something you should be doing to promote your business. 

I'm not suggesting you bring out a range of bat-shaped CCTV cameras... but instead, you need to think about what problems these different holidays and events can bring to your target audience and utilise this in one of Inbound Marketing's favourite tactics - blog writing.

Blogging Outreach With Broken Links: Why It Can Damage Your Business

Nick C is a pain in the bum!  His blogging outreach strategy involves telling me that I have a broken link on one of my sites and offering his own link as a substitute.  

It was very kind of him to draw the broken link to my attention so that I can repair it - which is one of the main problems with this type of outreach. The chances of success are limited.

LAST CHANCE TO GET £4K to Bring Your Digital Marketing In-House

I am reminded that Essex County Council are still promoting a funding programme for Essex businesses which is finishing on 31 March 2016.

The Digital Skills for Growth programme enables Essex businesses to receive up to £4,000 for each employee they hire to go towards developing their digital skills. As long as the employee is an Essex resident and going into a digital based role, they can cover 70% of the course fee for any training that will enhance their skills and help your business to grow.

Recruit or promote a digital marketer

Yes, you heard that right!  If you employ a person to take on your digital marketing, you can get £4000 worth of FREE training - providing you stump up the remaining 30%.

An alternative is to move an existing employee into the Digital Marketing role and take on a new employee to fill that existing employee's role.  Yes, you are still eligible for a grant to cover 70% of any training costs.

Who can train your digital marketing employee?

The types of courses which are covered by the funding include:  Digital Marketing, Social Media and SEO and, of course, Lollipop are your favourite local supplier for all of these.

What industries can apply for the Digital Skills for Growth funding?

Is Your Website A 24/7 Marketing Machine?

In today's economic climate, there are THREE crucial reasons why you need to turn your website into a marketing machine, rather than leave it as a static brochure which doesn't earn its keep.

1. Business Growth - attracting the right type of visitors to your website, those ideal customers who are most likely to want your product or service

2. Building Your List - converting those visitors into leads by exchanging their email address for useful content.

3. Differentiation - showing those leads why you are better than your competition so it's obvious why they should become customers.

How Do I Know That I am Publishing Quality Content?

Jo, you're always going on about publishing quality content that's relevant to your target market.  How do I know if I am doing it right?

What constitutes quality content?

Whether you're writing about manufacturing, engineering or just B2B sales, the principles of writing good quality content for inbound marketing are still the same.

One of Jon's favourite books is Ann Handley's Everybody Writes.

She has an equation for deciding whether you're producing great content.

Inspiration x Empathy x Utility = Quality Content

Why Deceptive Cold Calls Don't Create Customers

 I was in the office last week and Alex, the young lady who normally answers our phones, was in the kitchen making me a nice cup of herbal tea.

So, as chance would have it, when the phone rang, I was the only one available to answer it.

Jack, BT and me

"Hello, I'm Jack from BT and I am just calling to see if you have had any problems with your line? Crackles and that type of thing"

I explained that, as far as I was aware, it had been problem free and went on to explain our rather complicated telephone set up in quite a lot of detail so the engineer had the full picture.

We had a short exchange about some of the services that I was currently using and how much they were costing me.  He seemed surprised that some of them were free - the implication being that BT would have charged.

Hub Spots and Blackheads - How not to blog

I was checking out some Hubspot-based keywords today.

I wanted to see where Lollipop Local ranks for Hubspot Partner in Essex when I noticed a rather unusual entry on the front page of the results.

It was for a website all about blackhead strips!

I kid you not!

Could this be some kind of April Fool's Day thang?

It had nothing to do with Hubspot at all...

...or did it...?

What does direct and referred traffic mean?

The lovely Tom from Guardian4Security.co.uk asked me this as we went through the Analytics on one of his tools recently.

What does direct and referred traffic mean?  How is that different to organic?

The statistics showed that the bulk of his enquiries, as measured by this particular tool, came via direct or referred, with only a tiny proportion being credited to organic traffic.  But what do those terms mean?

Could he be wasting his money paying us for blogging and on page optimisation?  Fortunately, this trend was not reflected in the Analytics on his actual website.

I have to admit that I was a bit confused and various questions to the people who run the tool produced no definitive answer as it pertained to their tool.  

So I went to Google to discover their definition as it applies to Google Analytics..

Solicitors, use these brilliant tips when blogging for clients


I've been very impressed with a local Solicitors' firm who have involved the entire company in their blogging efforts. Getting businesses to blog at all is an achievement but building it into part of the work routine is very commendable. This firm is clearly taking the whole process very seriously and I'm sure their regular blogging efforts are rewarded by more clients. 

However, I've seen less impressive efforts and, sadly, these tend to be the norm. This blog post provides four brilliant tips that Solicitors can use straight away to get a better return from their blogging efforts and their website investment.